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 Chippenham Indoor League 2018-19 Fixtures, Results & Tables


All games take place in the sports hall at Sheldon School

Please note: At the end of the final game of the day the playing mat needs to be put on the red trolley. Thanks. Josh Boulton

Teams requiring to supply umpires are listed in red.

 4 pm  5.10pm  6.15pm  
 Team ATeam BUmpiresTeam ATeam BUmpiresTeam ATeam BUmpires
20/01/2019 Biddestone B Chippenham Biddestone A Biddestone A Sherston Chippenham Sutton Benger Marshfield Sherston Magna
27/01/2019 Calne  Trowbridge B Winsley Christian Malford Winsley Trowbridge B Marshfield Melksham Christian Malford
03/02/2019 Biddestone A Christian Malford Calne Biddestone B Calne Biddestone A Melksham Sutton Benger Biddestone B
10/02/2019 Marshfield  Sutton Benger Sherston Sherston Magna Winsley Sutton Benger Chippenham Trowbridge B Winsley
17/02/2019 Biddestone B Trowbridge B Marshfield Melksham  Marshfield Trowbridge B Christian Malford Sherston Melksham
24/02/2019 NO MATCHES NO MATCHES   Calne  Chippenham Biddestone A Biddestone A Winsley Calne


 Regular Season

 4.00 pm  5.10pm  6.15pm  
DatesTeam ATeam BTeam ATeam BTeam ATeam B
21/10/2018 Sutton Benger 49 - 6 (54) Chippenham 53 - 0 (23) Trowbridge B 54-6 (43) Calne 89 - 4 (60) Melksham 93 - 5 (60) Marshfield 92 - 6 ( 60)
28/10/2018 Trowbridge A 89-5 Biddestone B 90-2 Christian Malford 84-6 Biddestone A 85-4 Sherston Magna 92-1 Winsley 91-3
04/11/2018 Calne 69-1 (33) Sutton Benger 68-3 (60) Marshfield 80-5 (60) Chippenham  81-4 (54) Melksham 58-6 (49) Trowbridge B 128-5 (60)
11/11/2018 Biddestone A 101-6 Trowbridge A 104-4 Winsley 131-4 Biddestone B 70-6 Sherston Magna 78-5 Christian Malford 79-5
18/11/2018 Chippenham 99-5 (60) Trowbridge B 105-6 (58) Sutton Benger 57-1 (60) Marshfield 105-2 (60) Calne 150-1 (60) Melksham 65-6 (48)
25/11/2018 Winsley Win Trowbridge A Forfeit Sherston Magna 78-5 Biddestone A 103-4 Christian Malford 82-6 Biddestone B 23-6
02/12/2018 Melksham 77-4 (60) Sutton Benger 27-6 (35) Chippenham 73-6 (46) Calne 74-5 (60) Trowbridge B 107-5 (60) Marshfield 72-6 (52)
09/12/2018 Sherston Magna Win Trowbridge A Forfeit Christian Malford 82-6 Winsley 109-6 Biddestone B 65-5 Biddestone A 69-1
16/12/2018 Marshfield 53-6 (32) Calne 161-2 (60) Sutton Benger 60-5 (60)  Trowbridge B 129-2 (60)  Melksham 84-6 (40) Chippenham 85-1 (44)
13/01/2019 Trowbridge A Forfeit Christian Malford Win Sherston Magna 110-2 Biddestone B 117-4 Biddestone A 97-3 Winsley 96-5
Plate Competition (Bottom 4 Teams - Div 2)        
20/01/2019     Semi Final 1   Semi Final 2  
27/01/2019     Playoff 1   Final  
Promotion Competition (Top 2 of Div 2 and Bottom 2 of Div 1)       
03/02/2019     Semi Final 1   Semi Final 2  
10/02/2019     Playoff    Final  
Winners Circle (Top 4 of Div 1)        
17/02/2019     Semi Final 1   Semi Final 2  
24/02/2019     Playoff   Final  
DIVISION 1PlWonTiedCan.Pens.RunsBalls



Biddestone A 5 4 0 0 0 455 269 1.69 8
Winsley 5 3 0 0 0 427 240 1.78 6
Christian Malford 5 3 0 0 0 323 220 1.47 6
Sherston Magna   5 2 0 0 0 348 223 1.56 4
Biddestone B 5 2 0 0 0 365 240 1.52 4
Trowbridge A 5 1 0 0 -6 193 115 1.68 -4
DIVISION 2PlWonTiedCan.Pens.RunsBalls



Calne 5 5 0 0 0 543 273 1.99 10
Trowbridge B 5 4 0 0 0 523 281 1.86 8
Chippenham 5 3 0 0 0 391 227 1.72 6
Melksham 5 2 0 0 0 377 257 1.47 4
Marshfield B 5 1 0 0 0 402 264 1.52 2
Sutton Benger 5 0 0 0 0 261 269 0.97 0


1. The Laws of Cricket apply, except as modified below.

2. A team may comprise a minimum of four and a maximum of six players. There must be at least one responsible adult player.

3. An innings comprises a maximum of ten overs.

4. No bowler may bowl more than three overs.

5. When the fifth wicket falls, the remaining batsman stays in and faces every ball. The last batsman out stays with him/her.

6. When a batsman’s score reaches 25 runs, he/she must retire and may only return when there are no more batsmen to come in. The retired batsmen return in the order in which they retired, not the original batting order.

7. When a batsman’s score reaches 50 and there is another batsman waiting to return, he/she retires again.

8. Wides: The Laws of Cricket are applied to balls passing outside the line of the off stump. A ball passing outside the leg stump and passing behind the batsman will also be a Wide.

9. No balls: The Laws of Cricket apply to no balls, except if the ball pitches short of the line marking the halfway point of the pitch, it will be a No Ball. A ball passing on the full above waist-height of the batsman standing erect at the crease will be a No Ball, irrespective of the pace of the ball.

10. As in the Laws of Cricket, Wides and No Balls do not count towards the six balls in the over. One run will be added to the batting team’s score, plus any runs accruing from hitting the wall or running.

11. Walls and ceiling: Six runs are scored if the batsman hits the ball onto the wall behind the bowler without its hitting another wall, the floor or the ceiling on the way. Four runs are scored if the batsman hits the ball onto the wall behind the bowler without hitting another wall, the floor or the ceiling on the way. One run is scored if the ball hits a side wall or the ceiling or the wall behind the wicketkeeper.

12. Two runs are scored each time the batsmen complete a “run”.

13. If a fielder picks up the ball and throws it at the stumps and it hits a further wall, an additional run is scored for the hitting of the wall on the overthrow. All walls are the same for this purpose.

14. If the ball hits any suspended net, one run will be scored and the ball becomes immediately dead and no further runs may be scored. No member of the fielding team may throw the ball deliberately into a net in an attempt to make the ball dead.

15. The basketball hoop at the bowler’s end counts as part of the ceiling. The transverse wire at the bowler’s end does not affect the score; if the ball hits the wire on the full and then hits the wall behind the bowler then six runs are scored, if the ball hits the wire and then the roof or basketball hoop or board one run is scored. Batsmen can be caught out off the wire if the ball does not then touch the wall behind the bowler.

16. A batsman can be out if a fielder catches a ball after it comes off a side wall or the ceiling or the wall behind the keeper, if it has never hit the ground. In this event, there is no run scored for hitting the wall or ceiling. The batsman cannot be caught off the wall at the bowler’s end if it has been hit directly onto that wall.

17. Two league points shall be awarded to the winning team. If scores finish level, the game is a tie. It is not decided on number of wickets lost.

18. All teams should provide a competent scorer. The duties of the scorer are (a) to keep an accurate record of the score, including completing the scorecard in full, (b) to be responsible for keeping secure the team’s valuables during matches.

19. Each team shall provide two competent umpires, to act as neutral umpires for matches as the League Organising Committee shall decide. Failure to provide these umpires shall incur a penalty of one league point.

20. The match fee per team will be decided by the League Organising Committee. Teams forfeiting a fixture will still be liable to pay the match fee but their opponents will be exempt.

21. The decisions of the League Organising Committee shall be final.

22. All changing of clothing is to take place in the Boys’ Changing Room and in no other place in the Sports Hall.

23. No kit is to be left at any time other than on the balcony or in the Boys’ Changing Room. Any kit on the balcony must be placed so as not to obstruct the exit.


1. The batsman pushes it into a side wall and runs a single. Three runs.

2. The batsman pushes it into a side wall, runs a single and the fielder shies at the stumps, missing and hitting the opposite wall. Four runs.

3. The batsman pushes it and does not hit a wall but runs a single. Two runs.

4. The batsman pushes it into a side wall, runs a single, the fielder throws and there is another wall hit, the batsman run a second single and a further wall is hit by a second overthrow. Seven runs.

5. The bowler bowls a wide. The keeper fails to stop it and it hits the back wall. The batsmen run. Four wides.

6. The bowler bowls a no-ball and the batsman hits it back for a six. One no ball plus six to the batsman, seven in total.

7. The batsman hits it in the air down the pitch. It glances the side wall before hitting the back wall and is then caught by a fielder. OUT. No runs.    

Teams requiring to supply umpires are listed in red.

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