1st xI get the season under way with victory against spye park

Marshfield first eleven’s Wiltshire Premier League campaign finally got underway on Saturday with a visit to Spye Park. With not one member of the squad having managed a game of senior cricket in 2012 enthusiasm simply oozed from the players; reports that Rupert Crockett didn’t leave his deck chair until 12.56 and that Wayne Pascal got through no less than 4 panatela’s are as yet unconfirmed. Nevertheless with the new Lodge/White coalition captaincy arrangement in place confidence was running high.

While the rest of his troops embarked upon a warm-up routine that served to significantly lift the moral of the Spye Park team, Marshfield skipper Ben White thankfully won the toss and inserted the home team into bat. As ever with Marshfield, drama was never far away and as the warm-up drew to a close, wicket-keeper Matt Hobbs went to ground after a particularly vicious Matt Watson throw… Fear not Marshfield fans, your keeper was unharmed, although his golf trousers did sustain a serious tear; but then these are the risks you take if you choose to warm up in chino’s and deck shoes.

The new ball was to be taken by the new opening attack of Dave ‘The Savior’ Nelson and Andrew ‘The White Wasim Akram’ Griffiths. The pair made life difficult for the home side in the early exchanges with only 14 runs coming from the first 15 overs and Nelson removing one of the openers. At this point captain White chose to introduce Matt Watson into the fray; it’s important to stress that this decision was purely tactical and certainly not because the Marshfield pace merchant, Nelson, looked like he was on the verge of death after his early season exertions.

Shortly after, the Pucklechurch Express was also replaced in the attack at the other end by the evergreen Wayne Pascal (much to the chagrin of Pascal junior who continues to insist that he is the number one cricketer in the family) and between them the two spinners set about bringing Spye Park back into the game. With the opposition number 3 James Taylor starting to find his feet at the crease and some interesting variations being sent down by his first change attack, White sensed the time was right to restore order to proceedings; 10 overs, 4 Maidens, 2 for 24. Enough said.

Taking inspiration from their skipper, the Marshfield bowlers left no stone unturned in their hunt for wickets with Jeremy ‘Germ’ Bond at one point considering adding a little extra venom to his 97 pace run up by pushing in off the electric fence; however despite their best efforts Taylor opened his shoulders to good effect in the closing stages and was able to complete his century in the final overs. A slight miscalculation meant that the final over would need to be bowled by another bowler; naturally your selfless reporter gallantly stepped into the breach… And proceeded to get smashed for 10 including the biggest six of the day.

With Spye posting a respectable target of 205 to win, Marshfield would feel they could have made life easier for themselves had the bowling been tighter. One group of players at lunch were overheard to say, ‘We should definitely make an effort turn up to nets on a Thursday as it will allow us to hone our skills in preparation for next weekend.’ Very true lads, very true.

At the interval a fine array of sandwiches, fresh fruit and quiches were available, with the Keith Pullin award for outstanding achievement in the field of cake deservedly being awarded to Jeremy Bond who comfortable polished off a whole honey and raisin loaf.

prince vs michael jacksonAs the Marshfield away support swelled to double figures, Marshfield openers Crockett and Tubbs Hobbs set about reducing the deficit. While there was certainly still a bit of life left in the pitch the batsmen made light work of a depleted Spye bowling attack and passed 100 without loss, until Crockett was stumped shortly after reaching his half century. This immediately prompted whispering amongst the travelling supporters. Phrases such as  ‘Has he got other places to be?’, ‘It’s only a rugby club dinner’ and ‘Set your watch by him’ were rumored to be overheard. Crockett declined to comment on any allegations… as he made his way from the pavilion at 6 on the dot dressed in a tux…

Sensing the opportunity to sneak a cheeky not out your esteemed reporter for the second time in the day valiantly offered his services, this time as a number 3 batsman (despite having previously negotiated a number 5 spot). After irritating the skipper to the point that he had no other options he was granted his wish. Despite Hobbs departing shortly after for a solid 47, your reporter and senior Pascal were able to hack their way to an 8 wicket win.

Victory celebrations continued long into the night with Messrs Watson and Williams having to be forcibly ejected from the Crown at 2 in the morning for crimes against dancing. One eye witness account claimed, “It was disgusting. I thought I was watching the bastard children of Michael Jackson and Prince.” Dave Round has not been available for comment thus far on whether or not he will be pressing charges.

Until next week.

James Williams

Fixture Details

Type : League: WEPL Wiltshire Division - 2012 Date : Saturday 12th May 2012
Toss : Marshfield CC - 1st XI won the toss and elected to field Start Time : 13:00
Ground : Spye Park Cricket Club Rules Type : Standard

Highlights :

James Taylor 104* (SPCC) R Crockett 50 (Marsh) J Williams 76* (Marsh)

Result Summary

Result :    Marshfield CC - 1st XI - Won
Spye Park CC - 1st XIMarshfield CC - 1st XI
Score 204 for 7 (50 overs) 'b' 205 for 2 (30.4 overs) 't'
Game Points 0 10
Penalty Points 0 0
Batting Points 4 8
Bowling Points 1 3
Total Points 5 21

Spye Park CC - 1st XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 David Beal lbw b  Dave Nelson 1 0 0 22
2 Dean Wallington ct Rupert Crockett b  Ben White 29 3 2 75
3 James Taylor not out 104 9 4 0
4 Russell West b  Ben White 2 0 0 14
5 Paul Fennell b  Jeremy Bond 4 1 0 15
6 Tom Mornement b  Wayne Pascall 17 3 0 31
7 Rich Bowater* b  Matt Watson 11 1 0 17
8 Simon Ellis run out (Matt Watson) 1 0 0 4
9 Andy Ellis not out 1 0 0 5
10 Ollie Emerson did not bat
11 Alex Bowater did not bat
Byes (1), Leg Byes (4), Wides (19), No Balls (10) Extras34
Total 204
Wickets 7

* = Captain, + = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

11-1 David Beal (Dean Wallington-0*); 65-2 Dean Wallington (James Taylor-0*); 85-3 Russell West (James Taylor-0*); 108-4 Paul Fennell (James Taylor-0*); 146-5 Tom Mornement (James Taylor-0*); 191-6 Rich Bowater (James Taylor-0*); 196-7 Simon Ellis (James Taylor-0*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Andrew Griffiths 10 2 30 0 0 0
2 Dave Nelson 10 3 24 1 0 0
3 Matt Watson 5 1 29 1 0 0
4 Wayne Pascall 10 0 50 1 0 0
5 Ben White 10 4 24 2 0 0
6 Jeremy Bond 4 0 32 1 0 0
7 James Williams 1 0 10 0 0 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 5 1
Total 50 10 204 7 0 0

Marshfield CC - 1st XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Matt Hobbs ct Ollie Emerson b  James Taylor 47 4 1 69
2 Rupert Crockett st Andy Ellis b  Dean Wallington 50 6 3 61
3 James Williams not out 76 8 4 26
4 Wayne Pascall not out 21 2 1 20
5 Matt Watson did not bat
6 Bobby Jenkins did not bat
7 Dave Nelson did not bat
8 Andrew Griffiths did not bat
9 William Pascall did not bat
10 Jeremy Bond did not bat
11 Ben White* did not bat
Byes (1), Wides (9), No Balls (1) Extras11
Total 205
Wickets 2

* = Captain, + = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

105-1 Rupert Crockett (Matt Hobbs-0*); 133-2 Matt Hobbs (James Williams-0*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Paul Fennell 5 0 31 0 0 0
2 David Beal 4 1 22 0 0 0
3 Ollie Emerson 2 0 3 0 0 0
4 Dean Wallington 7 1 42 1 0 0
5 James Taylor 5 0 25 1 0 0
6 Simon Ellis 5 0 42 0 0 0
7 Alex Bowater 2.4 0 39 0 0 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 1 0
Total 30.4 2 205 2 0 0

Match Officials

Umpires Dave Young, Mike Roberts
Scorers Helen Dolman, Chris Watson
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