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Back to the Withy for the 3rd XI to complete the first half of the league season against Boomsbury.  Another not too promising day weather-wise, with a forecast that only promised worse to come.  Nevertheless, despite passing his 40th birthday, the great Captain Tosser won the flip of the coin again and inserted the visitors.

Obviously, the Skipper had advance warning of the presents which the Boomsbury batters were going to hand over because it was not long before we had the opposition at 24-4, two wickets for the Cap’n, one comedy run out, and the other for the returning Alan Chivers, resplendent in the newest and whitest cricket gear seen for many a year.  The aforementioned Chivers Snr., having been handed the new ball (up the hill, of course), proceeded to test out Bishop Snr.’s agility behind the stumps with some generously angled deliveries of impressive width.  Then, much to everyone’s surprise, he produced an absolute jaffa, which castled a stunned Boomsbury opening bat.

But, even more shocking was Dicko’s first strike: a perfectly pitched delivery in t’corridor of uncertainty, a hint of away movement, an edge and (sit down if your heart is not in 100% mint condition) a text-book slip catch by the Mouldster. Un-blankety-blank-believable.

The arrival of Boomsbury’s leader unfortunately stopped the rot for the opposition and MCC had to wait some time before further wickets fell, all to James Roper who finally figured out that, in WCCL Div. 6, the long hop is, in fact, a wicket ball.  More good catching, from James himself, Chivers Snr. (that whiter-than-white man again) and “hands-like-flypaper” Mouldy for the second time.  The elderly marmalade maker meanwhile had been replaced by his heir (young Charles) who bowled, as they say, an exemplary spell but without any luck.

There was still time for Marshfield to safely help the visitors past the 100 mark and to see their resolute no. 1 reach his 50.  Obviously running out of patience, and not having had a present for the last 75 minutes, the Captain then recalled himself to the attack and promptly brought Boomsbury’s innings to a close, finishing with the hallucinogenic figures of 9.2-3-9-5 (Bish Jnr., where are you when we need you?).  It must be said that Dicko’s example is one that our bowling colleagues might consider giving a try at some point in the season.  While Boycs’ grandmother would almost certainly flay him to all corners of the ground, the opposition teams so far have not been able to do so…

Our target at tea was a modest 130 and, with the weather becoming increasingly threatening, a secondary objective was 75 within 25 overs (we could figure this out having been the victim of the new rule last week at Blunsdon).  The Burnstone family tea was formidably copious and absolutely delicious but, sadly, did not inspire the Marshfield batting at all.  Murky light, squally rain, three interruptions, and generally poor technique (plus a couple really good catches) saw us slide to 13-5 before Sam Burnstone became the only home player to reach double figures and still be at the crease when persistent rain turned into a deluge with the 3rd XI all but capsized at 40-7 off 27 overs.

So, despite a rather good performance in the field, the batting never showed up and defeat delivered us to the foot of the table with our closest rivals managing to win their games.  “Something must be done” to turn this around soon, methinks.  Man of the match goes, of course, to the birthday (no longer a) boy – just how many Philosan did you take before the game, Dicko?  Champagne moment would have been Mouldy’s slip catch, but the honour was snatched away by Wayne Pascall’s sulk-of-the-century back in the clubhouse for not getting a bowl in the 1st XI’s abandoned game.  When we arrived after our match was finally called off, it was clear that the petulance had already been in full swing for some time, and it then continued, passing through occasional intense peaks of surliness, I understand, until well after your correspondent left for a wet Bath.

No erudite, classic quotation this week, just the memorable line from Morecambe and Wise:  “Bring me sunshine…”

Richard Guy

Boomsbury CC - 1st XI

O Howe ct Sam Burnstone Mark Dixon   53 
S Chown Alan Chivers  
J Bates ro Sam Burnstone
C Fardell ct Martin Ould Mark Dixon  
B Howe Mark Dixon  
S Eades * ct James Roper James Roper   19 
A Colebrooke ct Martin Ould James Roper  
M Williams ct Alan Chivers James Roper  
L Mitchell Not Out 15 
C. Mackness Mark Dixon  
A Mitchell Mark Dixon  
Extras  ( 5b  3lb  17w  3nb  )   28
Total  ( all out , 38.2 overs)  129

Fall Of Wickets

7-1  S Chown (O Howe*) ; 12-2  J Bates (O Howe*) ;
20-3  C Fardell (O Howe*) ; 24-4  B Howe (O Howe*) ;
60-5  S Eades (O Howe*) ; 65-6  A Colebrooke (O Howe*) ;
77-7  M Williams (O Howe*) ;

* = notout batsman,
Mark Dixon 9.2 3 9 5
Alan Chivers 11 0 41 1
Charlie Chivers 5 1 16 0
James Roper 8 1 22 3
Mike Threadgill 3 0 12 0
Sam Burnstone 2 0 21 0

3rd XI

Richard Guy ct Unsure L Mitchell  
Andy Wills A Mitchell  
Martin Ould ct O Howe A Mitchell  
O Vellacott A Mitchell  
James Roper A Mitchell  
Sam Burnstone Not Out 12 
Terry Bishop + ct Unsure M Williams  
Charlie Chivers A Colebrooke  
Mark Dixon * Not Out
Alan Chivers Did Not Bat  
Mike Threadgill Did Not Bat  
Extras  ( 1b  4w  )   5
Total  (7 wickets, 27 overs)  40

Fall Of Wickets

7-1  Andy Wills (Richard Guy-4*) ; 11-2  Martin Ould (Richard Guy-6*) ;
11-3  O Vellacott (Richard Guy-6*) ; 13-4  Richard Guy (James Roper-1*) ;
13-5  James Roper (Sam Burnstone-0*) ; 33-6  Terry Bishop (Sam Burnstone*) ;
35-7  Charlie Chivers (Sam Burnstone*) ;

* = notout batsman,


A Mitchell 8 3 7 4
L Mitchell 6 2 9 1
M Williams 8 4 9 1
A Colebrooke 5 0 14 1

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