3rd xI captain returns and it’s another win!

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With last week’s trauma still resonating around the 3rd XI dressing room, it was back to the billiard-table Withymead for the visit of Potterne’s 4th XI.  Having been sensibly unavailable at Goatacre, the Skipper returned, won the toss (again!) and inserted the opposition (again!).   Immediately, the Great Leader and the hand-jiving Jonny Heyel up the hill (of course!) applied the screw to the Potterne openers who could barely manage a run per over for the first 10.

Inevitably, it was the Captain who made the breakthrough thanks to a smart catch by the Bishop of Withy behind the timbers.  However, having added this further scalp to his gluttonous season, Dicko then gave way to young Chopper Christie, by my count only the third person to be granted the privilege of bowling downhill at the Withy this year.  This inspirational bowling change resulted in a 6-over spell of destructive potency at the end of which young “Chops” had returned the excellent figures of 6-3-15-4.  While there were a couple of wayward deliveries, one of which threatened the lives of both batsman and ‘keeper, it has to be said that Chopper’s contribution removed the heart, literally and figuratively, of the opposition’s resistance.

Meanwhile Jonny H delivered a spell of excellent quality from t’other end and, like so many consigned to labour away while someone else (no names, no pack drill) makes hay from the upper part of the Withymead, earned just the one wicket in the remarkable analysis of 12-7-16-1.   With Chopper required to stop bowling after 6 overs, El Capitan returned to his rightful place as chief rabbit hunter and graciously invited a Pierce to trundle upwards from the lowlands of Marshfield’s recreation park.  Outcome: result!  Dicko finishing with 3-19 and the Treasurer with the much superior statistical average of 1-2 (a marked improvement over last week’s effort, it should be noted).

The anoraks amongst you will have spotted that only 9 wickets have been accounted for, an anomaly explained by the fact that Potterne must have thought that 10 players would be enough to see us off…  Having amassed 58 in their “at-bat”, some would say “well, yes” but… read on.

First, though, the players enjoyed another excellent tea, courtesy of the Bishop and his concubine, with the eggers and coronation chicken sarnies being particularly noteworthy.  Also of interest, a diversionary conversation at tea proposed the hypothesis that the 4-man “pace” attack of the 3rd XI today could be compared to that of the great West Indian sides of the 1970s.  After a fairly brief debate, there was agreement that this idea was plausible and no-one could come up with a good counter-argument.  Nevertheless, in the interests of fairness, you reporter invites his readers to refute this idea and to postulate alternative interpretations of the data.

Guy & Burnstone Batted sensiubly to secure the WinAnd so to our reply, with the VC and Willsy opening for the second week in succession.  At Goatacre, the partnership lasted less than 2 overs and sadly the same was true again.  Last week, the VC (then C) departed in short order; this time, AW was the man for the early bath, bowled by an off-break that turned a scary amount.  However, Sam Burnstone, well-rested by not having been asked to bowl (which, in any case, would have spoiled the 4-man WI pace attack comparison), batted with great circumspection and skill to see us over the line with the loss of only one further wicket.  Marshfield reached the required 59 in the 20th over, a comfortable victory securing 23 points.

Man-of-the-match can only go to Chopper for his inspired bowling spell, but I’m struggling for a lemonade shandy (let alone a champagne) moment of the day.  Perhaps, it is simply that we never really looked like losing this game and that it was a necessary job rather well done.  Arriving home at 5.30 pm on my anniversary (without champagne, but at least with the news of our splendid win) certainly gave the Mrs a surprise, if nothing else.  Next week, Box at Fortress Withymead – another performance like this week’s would be good.

Richard Guy

Potterne CC - 4th XI

Andrew Genever   Alastair Christie   11 
Dan Rose * ct Terry Bishop Mark Dixon  
Matt Sheppard   Alastair Christie  
J Newgee ct Richard Guy Alastair Christie  
David Evans +   Alastair Christie  
A Pertwee ct Johnny Heyel Andrew Pierce   16 
E Forster ct Sam Burnstone Johnny Heyel  
A Lemon   Mark Dixon  
J Pattenhall ct Mark Dixon Mark Dixon  
Jack Bramwell Did Not Bat          
Extras  ( 3b  1lb  3w  1nb  )   8  
Total  (10 wickets, 32.2 overs)  58  


Mark Dixon 10.2 2 19 3
Johnny Heyel 12 7 16 1
Alastair Christie 6 3 15 4
Andrew Pierce 4 2 2 1

3rd XI

Richard Guy LBW A Pertwee   23 
Andy Wills   Jack Bramwell  
Sam Burnstone Not Out   14 
Michael Holman Not Out  
Robert Redman Did Not Bat          
John Iles Did Not Bat          
Alastair Christie Did Not Bat          
Andrew Pierce Did Not Bat          
Johnny Heyel Did Not Bat          
Terry Bishop + Did Not Bat          
Mark Dixon * Did Not Bat          
Extras  ( 3b  3lb  13w  )   19  
Total  (2 wickets, 19.3 overs)  59  

Fall Of Wickets

4-1  Andy Wills (Richard Guy-1*) ; 55-2  Richard Guy (Sam Burnstone-13*) ;

* = notout batsman,


A Lemon 7 3 21 0
Jack Bramwell 6 2 15 1
Dan Rose 3.3 0 9 0
A Pertwee 3 0 9 1

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