maidens pucklechurch 201501

Marshfield Maidens win their first match of the season at Pucklechurch

Marshfield beat Pucklechurch in the 15th over. Great to have Hannah and Jess with us for their first match – lovely fielding ladies. Our fielding as a team is really coming on nicely. Nina was back on form at mid-wicket plus scored 5 not out paired with Alyssa, 3 also not out.   Our Gazelle in the field Alyssa stopped many a run and great fielding from Millie too to add to an impressive 4 overs bowled. Wickie Ann we just take for granted now, nothing gets past her. Belinda stopped many balls as they sped down the hill towards the boundary and scored her first run of the season. Jane’s bowling was going well until she spotted her husband among the supporters luckily she recovered. Emily’s bowling was also spot on claiming a wicket in her first over. Great stuff Emily!

The batting was dominated by Lisa and Anna (captain) who retired after scoring 29 and 17 respectively. Lisa’s first wicket on the first ball of the match was impressive followed by another later on. Anna took two wickets – one she bowled and caught.

All of this supported by our Umpire Will and a growing group of supporters on the boundary. Thank you all.

Jane Christie

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