A Couple Of Wins For The Maidens

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This has been the second season for the Marshfield Maidens. We have 32 Maidens ranging from 13-54; mostly beginners with a few exceptions. We train on a Wednesday night and play our matches on Sunday afternoons. Sandra Rouse is our coach and Will Christie our assistant coach.

The idea is for this team to offer women and girls the opportunity to try cricket for the first time, or return to cricket they played in the past and to give teenage girls who have come up from the increasingly popular and successful junior girls teams another opportunity to play and an entry in to women’s cricket. We had a couple of junior girls come and play for us and I look forward to the day when they play with us regularly cos they played really nicely.

It is noticeable that women’s cricket is really taking off in this area and where I found it really difficult to organise matches for the Maidens in our first season this year I have been offered more fixtures than we have been able to play. This is particularly in South Glos, Bristol and the Cotswolds, rather less so in Wiltshire.

We have won 2 of our 9 matches which is a start at least. I am obviously not an expert but would say that on the whole we are a reasonable bowling and fielding side but not so strong at batting.   My goal for the coming season is simple; keep the team going and get our players to keep coming back.


We are about to start our winter training on a Tuesday evening at the Community centre. It gives us the chance to work on technique and we will play a few friendly matches at the Action cricket setup in Bristol and perhaps go over to UWE who play indoor cricket in the winter. We won an action cricket match last winter – maybe we can improve on it this year.

Jane Christie

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