Winning cricket team Jan 2015

Playing against the Old Bristolians at Action cricket (indoors) Marshfield Maidens won 128 to 118. A fantastic match where every player made a great contribution. The match was decided in the last over.

Sandra captained, batted, bowled and of course ran well as always. She positioned us perfectly and encouraged her rather nervous team into playing really well. Anna was another all-rounder taking 2 wickets and batting well. Laura’s fielding was fab; she was the guardian of the back net stopping an abundance of balls becoming 4s. One fast low ball stopped bravely with her foot. Not just a super fielder but top scorer with 27.

Both Alyssa and Anna caught players out. Alyssa’s catch was in the last three balls ensuring our win. Having only just joined the team she is clearly heading for great things. Ann showed she is just a fabulous wicket keeper stumping several players out at the batting end and putting real pressure on with such fast reactions. Jane fearlessly opened the batting and managed to stop a flying ball heading for a six.

A great team effort. Who would have believed only our captain has ever played before April 2014.

Congratulations Ladies, we're sure its the first of many victories!!

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