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Threaders Gives Umpiring Masterclass to Maidens

Last night after the Maidens practice evening club legend and Professor of Pharmacy & Pharmacology at Bath University gave the ladies a lecture in umpiring, to hopefully give them the knowledge of the rules needed to be confident enough to become self-sufficient at games now Jane Christies supply of teenage boys has dried up!

The look of horror on the pedantic Professors face when informed by coach Sandra Rouse that “oh, we don’t worry about [fill in the blank - no balls, wides, hitting a stationary ball, lbw’s, etc]”. He did well to keep his inner Basil Fawlty in check. An explosive bowel movement from the most junior person present when Threaders was rabbiting on about popping creases and what constitutes a no ball showed his thoughts on the matter!!

The session ended with a "Ask The Umpire" session where a series of A Series of Unfortunate Events were invented that Lemmny Snicket or John Holder would have trouble answering were handled with aplomb by our academic hero.

In all seriousness the Maidens would like to thank Threaders for his time and effort in what was an informative and interesting evening.

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