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When we received a flier for the above book, a diary of Matthew Stevenson's experiences over 5 years as a recreational umpire (which, incidentally, has received very good reviews) it set some of our Committee with too much time on their hands thinking about titles that they would write about their playing days at MCC and the characters they’ve encountered. These are some of their efforts:

{AF}‘Lord Of The Fly-Slips’ – Terry Bishop reminisces on great gully catches, whilst dreaming about becoming a full-time wicketkeeper and batsman…{/AF}

{AF}‘Mopey Dick’the trials and tribulations of Richard Guy on his quest for Ahab Pierce…{/AF}

{AF}A Tale Of Two Fifties’ a mammoth 1000-page opus describing in excruciating detail Mark Dixon’s lifetime batting achievements…{/AF}

{AF}‘2001 Wickets under the Sea’a rambling exposition on the days of uncovered pitches by Les Chivers…{/AF}

{AF}‘1.984’a dystopian novel based upon Tom Lambs batting average…{/AF}

{AF}‘War and Pierce’an interminable text that fails to lift the spirits…{/AF}

{AF}50 Shades of Graham’a raunchy account of life as 2nd XI Vice-Captain…{/AF}

{AF}‘Wayne’s World’a disturbing fantasy involving a world where every ball is a wicket taking opportunity and the protagonist is never given out LBW, no matter how plumb…{/AF}

And finally,

{AF}‘A Catcher In the Eye’A guide to fielding by Rob Redrum, forward by Andy Wills…{/AF}

If you think you can do better, please post your suggestions below.

A copy of Matthew Stevenson’s book to the entry judged to be the winner by the MCC Literary Panel!

(N.B Watch out for Chalky and Prof Richard’s Crick-Lit Review section coming soon to the Club website

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