Smells like Team Spirit!

u9s bradford festival

Another brilliant Under 9 festival at Bradford on Avon where our boys got back to 100% winning ways with three comfortable victories over Erleston, Rode/Beckington and Bradford on Avon (the third time we have beaten them this season!)

Quite simply  a fantastic all round team performance in all three games. The batting was steady if not quite as spectacular as previous festivals, but most pleasing, having done quite a bit of work on Friday nights in this area,  was that the boys called clearly and positively (with one or two exceptions Alfie and Matty!)  and ran brilliantly between the wickets to pick up their singles, including sliding the bat in as they approached the crease.....brilliant stuff!

Highlights were partnerships of 25 by Alfie and Theo, and 20’s from Theo/Matty.....Matty/Johnny....and also from the younger pair of Toby and Freddie, who was making his debut.

The fielding displays were simply fantastic in all three games, with Johnny, Matty and Fred throwing themselves around to stop the ball on numerous occasions, and we pretty much stopped everything that came at us. There were some great catches, fantastic backing up and a brilliant run out from Arthur. A real team effort in the field.   Martin described Matty’s running catch at deep mid-wicket as his ‘champagne moment’ of the morning:

‘He called for it, ran in and took it which is always difficult, not happy with just hanging onto it and getting the batsmen out, he wanted to also run him out and threw into the stumps where he was also promptly run out. It deserved more than 5 points!!!

The bowling was also outstanding, with everyone bowling well.  Theo, Toby and Alfie being particularly miserly in the runs they gave away...a combined 5 overs for 12 runs!

It was once again really very pleasing to have another group of players making their debuts, and Ollie C, Tom,  Fred and Freddie  all did themselves proud and made some great contributions with bat and ball, and pleasingly slotted straight into the team.

Well done boys....

Next stop our very own Marshfield festival on the 21st June....see you there.

Ian Bassett

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