Youth Committee Report 2017

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Marshfield Youth Section enjoyed a successful season, with 225 players registered.  This enabled the section consistently to field teams at the U9s, U11s, U13s and U15s across both the boys and girls sections.   4 boys and 2 girls played for senior MCC teams over the course of the season.   The sections achieved good representation at County and District levels.  Our U11 girls’ section enjoyed acting as the ‘Anthem Girls’ at an England Women’s World Cup match in June.


In participation terms, 2017 was a successful season at MCC, seeing a rise in the number of registrations from 167 in 2016 to 225.  While this ensured we were able to meet the demand for youth cricket within our community, and although it provided strong income streams through registration fees and bar turnover, it is important to recognise the pressure these high numbers placed on coaching, bar and other support teams throughout the club and to place on record thanks to all those involved.  


The on-field results achieved by our youth teams were mixed.  The re-formed U15s boys teams exceeded its target of a win by achieving two wins over the course of the season.  The boys U13s, U11s and U9s had strong results through the course of the season.  The U9s lost only one game all season.

The girls U15 and U13 teams started the season strongly, but results fluctuated as the season moved forward and player availability became challenging.  The U13s won a 6-a-side Gloucestershire-based tournament.  The girls U11s and U9s saw many of their senior players progress this season and enjoyed transition seasons.

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The season culminated in District and County trials.


6 MCC boys have made the U11 Wiltshire District squad, with a further 2 on the reserve list.

5 boys have made the U13 Wiltshire District squad, with a further 1 unknown at this point.


1 MCC girl has made the U15s Glocs County squad

1 MCC girl has made the U15s Wilts County squad

2 MCC girls have made the U13s Glocs County squad


2017 saw a significant uplift in permanent coaching capability:

  • 3 internal club coaches achieved Level 2 ECB qualifications;
  • 8 internal club coaches achieved Level 1 ECB qualifications; and
  • 1 Level 2+ ECB coach joined the club.


The youth section focussed available funding on professionalising coaching capability and acquiring adequate equipment for player volumes.



A combination of training courses, clothing, and end-of season gift



Basic equipment, bats, ball, stumps, cones, catch net



Medals and trophies




Wicket preparation


Based on a 15 week season and an equitable split between senior and junior cricket

(Figures are rounded, and do not reflect expenses such as ground maintenance, utilities, etc)

Progress against the Youth Plan

Good progress has been against the Youth Section plan.  This is attached as an Appendix.  The areas of plan focus next year will be:

  • improving on-field results;
  • further cementing senior and youth section linkages;
  • identifying and exploiting sponsorship opportunities;
  • improving equipment beyond basics; and
  • engaging parents in areas beyond coaching and team management.

 Youth Section Plan

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Robin Hand


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