Bad Light Stops U15 Play


Well here we are again, after 4 days of blistering sunshine Marshfield U15’s first game of the season took place in what, to be kind was slightly below the norm for mid-April.  To be brutally honest it was absolutely freezing.  Fielding what could be described as a youthful U15 eleven, its captain Tom Connors duly lost the toss and Beckington took advantage of the first use of an immaculate looking artificial wicket at Broadleys.  Opening the bowling with pace and variety were left arm seamer Ben Sinkins and veteran U15 Kit Denman, both delivering economic spells and both unlucky not to have taken the season’s first wicket.  That honour belonged to Alice Edwards coming on second change from the pavilion end bowled really well against Beckingtons best batsmen and for a little more luck could have had 3 wickets and not just the one a fine catch taken at first slip by Kit.  The only small blemish on what was in general a fine fielding display was the catching, with a handful or so being dropped, but it was the first game and did I say freezing!!.  The ground fielding was superb the Ed’s, Tanner and Avery were particularly impressive in the field.  All of the Marshfield side bowled acquitted themselves really well, with Rory Bushell taking the other wicket to fall.  Mention should go George Hall who has a longer run up than Jeremy Bond and was very unlucky not to take a wicket. 

With Beckington finishing their allotted 20 overs and finishing on 168 it was the turn of Marshfield to bat, Opening this week were Kit Denman and Josh Gay again a left right combination and for 6 overs they looked in no trouble whatsoever, well up with the run rate and Josh showing some exquisite cover drives, punishing anything pitched up things, looked rosy, although in truth there were a few concerns with regards to the somewhat suicidal running that was becoming more frequent. This caught them out when attempting to turn a risky one into a non-existent two resulted in Kit becoming the first victim with the score at 41. Josh was joined by Ollie Bates and together again started to take the attack to the bowlers, both scoring freely and having Beckington fielders worried again, let’s be kind and say that youthful exuberance got the better of them and another run out proved the downfall for Josh ending with a top scoring knock of 27. This proved to be the spur that Beckington needed and with the glow from the scoreboard shining brightly through the less than perfect light runs became harder to get.  There were however a few more bright spots George Hall played a magnificent off drive all along the carpet for four and Ollie Bates finished not out for 24 an inning littered with shots that deserved more than the one or two they achieved.

Unfortunately the light grew too bad for the Marshfield to have their full 20 overs and the umpires brought the teams of early, in truth this did not alter the result or the player’s enjoyment, but it was the right decision.  There is however no truth in the rumour that one of the new U15 coaches Graham Tanner was coaching his son Ed in the art of turning up in the nick of time, (fashionably late), but if we could all look in our attics for an old watch we could donate it might help.

On the night there are a couple of things to mention Alice Edwards, I believe the first young lady to play in the U15’s league, thank you and very very well played. I hope that you pave the way for more to follow.  Josh Gay, This week’s Marshfield’s man of the match with a catch and top score, who kept well despite some difficult at time bounce and “variation” in length and line. And not forgetting all the not quite U15’s who played and did themselves and the club proud I salute you and thank you. To the parents of those who played above their age group again thank you for your support I hope they slept well and enjoyed the experience, they are without doubt welcome any week.


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  Kevin Hendy


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