MCC Chairman in Quiz Cheat Scandal


M CC chairman Nick Heynan has been embroiled in a cheat scandal at last nights pre-season players supper and sports quiz. An enjoyable evenings entertainment was coming to an exciting climax with Nicks team, Chairmans Chumps, tied in first place with the Scoring Orgasms. As the quizmaster scrambled round for a tie break question he stumbled on the new handbook (collect your copy at Broadleys) and asked the teams to write down the number of times the club has won the Gloucester region of the Village Cup (answer 5 times). The whole clubhouse turned to spot the jovial chairman happily thumbing through his copy of the handbook for the answer. Uproar ensued and the quiz was awarded to Scoring Orgasms with the Chairmans Chumps relegated to last place.

Secretary Ben White immediately called a vote of no confidence in the Chairman and asked if he was intending to tender his resignation. "No" was the reply, but he did try to bribe fellow competitors with a round of drinks to hush the scandal up. It has been suggested that Chalky's bluster was down to his teams poor showing in the quiz and being beaten by a team called the "4 Skins".

Fellow Chumps team mate, Professor Richard Guy, was shocked. "How can the youths be expected to learn about fair play and gain upstanding moral values when a role model like the club chairman behaves in such a reprehensible manner. The utter cad"

Its not the first time Heynan has been embroiled in quiz shenanigans with many muttering that the answers must have been leaked to his family with daughter Charlotte setting the last quiz, especially by a bitter 2nd placed Prof. Mike Threadgill, who vowed to take charge of the next quiz.

The Chairman and Cricket manager did receive some support from fellow Chump Andy Pierce. " Nick is doing a superb job and I can't think of anyone who could do the job as well." Many would expect Pierce to step into the role should Chairman Heynan be forced out of his exalted position.

No doubt more to follow. Can the Chairman be trusted? Leave your comments below.

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