2nd xI defeats great bedwyn with a plumb (that’s a pun, chaps)

3rd Collinbourne 31-05-14 5

Upon awakening last Saturday, it seemed that a game of cricket was never going to happen and that MCC was going to get away with a weekend of exceptionally low availability with some fortuitous ‘match-cancelled” points. Not the case, however, and by 11.30 the frantic texts and calls from the Cricket Manager had confirmed 10 2nd XI bodies for the trip to Great Bedwyn and 9 for the 3rd’s to take on the mighty Swindon NALGO (see report by Prof. T elsewhere on the website).

Your correspondent found himself in the caravan to GB, undoubtedly because the 2nd team’s regular scribe was himself not playing. That this selection was not based on ability was quickly confirmed (Marshfield having being inserted) when the re-arrangement of my timbers promised a very long afternoon indeed. [Interesting statistic: I have now played twice for the 2nd’s at GB and I am averaging roughly 2 runs per hour of travel time – I think we need a new category on the board.]

From the team’s point of view, however, the loss of an early wicket brought together Big Dawg and Andy Jenkins in a promising 50+ run partnership that included both fine shots and dubious running between the wickets. All looked good, then, until the Skipper decided to attempt a huge yahoo over cow corner to a rather straight slower ball. Unfortunately, he missed it and the ball thudded into his pads, leading to the inevitable raucous appeal and the fickle finger of fate from the umpire who, unluckily for Wayne, has both an A level in Physics (grade A) and a working knowledge of cricket’s Law 36 (reproduced in the Appendix below for everyone’s benefit).

After this excitement, there followed a period of the game where neither bat nor ball managed to dominate. Partnerships began to take shape only for a wicket to fall and it was difficult to judge how many runs would constitute a challenging target, especially because the GB ground is a big one to patrol with only 10 fielders. Nevertheless, with just about everyone chipping in, Jenks top-scoring with 37 and Clisty scampering with Simon Taylor to add an unbroken 33 partnership at the end, MCC finished up with 178-7 off 45 and couldn’t really complain about the end result.

After a generous tea and a spirited discussion about the application of Newton’s Laws of Motion (especially the 1st) between your correspondent and one of his teammates, young Tom and the Captain opened the bowling and immediately put GB behind the rate. While Wayne’s futile appeals for LBW called into question either (a) his optician’s professional competence, and/or (b) his knowledge of Law 36 (see below), Clist made the breakthrough and was immediately taken off.

This decision seemed even less comprehensible when Tom’s replacement, Graham Tanner, was welcomed to 2nd team cricket by GB’s best batsman who deposited a perfectly decent ball into the adjacent pigsty for a rather large maximum. G&T is made of sterner stuff, however, and supported by the inspired glove-work of Colin Sinkins (two catches, one standing up, and an excellent stumping), he reeled off 9 overs of nagging accuracy to finish with 5-39, ripping out the middle of the GB batting pretty much single-handed.

Ellsy took over at the end of G&T’s spell, grabbed a wicket but was than treated with a distinct lack of respect by GB’s left-handed and obdurate number 7 who appeared to think that his side could still win the game… Poor Rob Iles at the other end had bowled an excellent spell without any return and, just in time, the Skipper remembered that Clisty had some overs in the bank and called him back into the attack. Within short order, it was game over: Tom removed the danger man and then cleaned up the tail “à la Dixon” to finish with 4-18 of 8.5 miserly overs.  Result: MCC win by 36 runs.

So, in the end, an excellent victory. Batting was never easy, but the patient approach ultimately paid off. The bowling was accurate and the fielding surprisingly athletic given the average age of the 10 men from Marshfield. Another amusing statistic: at one point, the leg side field comprised the Skipper, Lord Creed and myself… a coalition of cheetahs we were not.

M-o-M goes, of course, to G&T with a very special mention to Colin Sinkins for his work behind the stumps. As for a champagne moment, well, I’ve finished the Dom Perignon already, as I know I’ll be back in the 3rd’s next week even if no-one is available for the 2’s.

Appendix (please read all the way through)

Law 36 (Leg Before Wicket (LBW)) reads as follows.

The striker is out LBW in the circumstances set out below:

  1.  the bowler delivers a ball, not being a ‘no ball’, and
  2. the ball, if it is not intercepted full pitch, pitches in line between wicket and wicket or on the off side of the striker’s wicket, and
  3. the ball not having previously touched his bat, the striker intercepts the ball, either full pitch or after pitching, with any part of his person, and
  4. the point of impact, even if above the level of the bails, either

(i)    is between wicket and wicket, or

(ii)   if the striker has made no genuine attempt to play the ball with his bat, is either between wicket and wicket or outside the line of the off stump, and

e.   but for the interception, the ball would have hit the wicket.

 Note: First, in assessing points (c), (d) and (e) above, only the first interception is to be considered. Second, point (f), which read “if the batsman is Wayne Pascall, then none of the above applies”, was deleted by MCC just over 50 years ago.

 *For further information, see: http://www.lords.org/mcc/laws-of-cricket/laws-in-action/law-36-in-action/
© Marylebone Cricket Club 2013 

 Richard Guy

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  • Result: Marshfield CC - 2nd XI - Won by 36 runs
  • Toss: Great Bedwyn CC - 2nd XI won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Highlights: Marshfield CC: A.Jenkins 37, W.Pascall 34, G.Tanner 5 for 39 GBCC: A.Tuttle 35
Marshfield CC - 2nd XI
NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Andy Jenkins b   Ivor Rowell 37 0 0 0
2 Richard Guy b   Jamie Robinson 1 0 0 0
3 Wayne Pascall* lbw b   Alistair Tuttle 34 0 0 0
4 Colin Sinkins ct Richard Lauder b   Daniel Swatton 4 0 0 0
5 Jim Creed ct Phil Cheese b   Freddie Good 18 0 0 0
6 Rob Iles ct Sean Palmer b   Freddie Good 10 0 0 0
7 Andy Elliott b   Ivor Rowell 11 0 0 0
8 Tom Clist Not Out     24 0 0 0
9 Simon Taylor Not Out     8 0 0 0
10 Graham Tanner Did Not Bat     - - - -
Byes (2), Leg Byes (4), Wides (18), No Balls (1)
Fall of Wickets
3-1 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 56-2 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 74-3 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 107-4 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 113-5 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 134-6 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 145-7 Unsure (Unsure-0*);
* = notout batsman
NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Jamie Robinson 9 5 18 1 1 0
2 Sean Palmer 8 1 43 0 4 0
3 Daniel Swatton 9 1 36 1 8 0
4 Alistair Tuttle 9 1 35 1 1 1
5 Freddie Good 5 0 27 2 3 0
6 Ivor Rowell 5 1 14 2 1 0
Great Bedwyn CC - 2nd XI
NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Richard Lauder b   Graham Tanner 12 0 0 0
2 Thomas Lauder+ b   Tom Clist 9 0 0 0
3 Daniel Swatton ct Colin Sinkins b   Graham Tanner 21 0 0 0
4 Phil Cheese ct Colin Sinkins b   Graham Tanner 12 0 0 0
5 Akhil Malhotra lbw b   Graham Tanner 0 0 0 1
6 Jamie Robinson st Colin Sinkins b   Graham Tanner 15 0 0 0
7 Alistair Tuttle b   Tom Clist 35 0 0 0
8 George Stone b   Andy Elliott 8 0 0 0
9 Ivor Rowell* Not Out     14 0 0 0
10 Sean Palmer b   Tom Clist 0 0 0 3
11 Freddie Good b   Tom Clist 0 0 0 0
Byes (1), Leg Byes (5), Wides (9), No Balls (1)
Fall of Wickets
19-1 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 34-2 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 50-3 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 50-4 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 78-5 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 85-6 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 109-7 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 132-8 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 132-9 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 142-10 Unsure (Unsure-0*);
* = notout batsman
NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Tom Clist 8.5 0 18 4 0 0
2 Wayne Pascall 9 2 19 0 0 0
3 Graham Tanner 9 1 39 5 0 0
4 Rob Iles 9 0 35 0 0 0
5 Andy Elliott 3 0 24 1 0 0
6 Jim Creed 2 1 1 0 0 0
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