blood-bath ends badly


Another good day for cricket and the Withy looking better and better. Team news was “interesting” with the Cricket Manager (aka Mr Spitting Cobra) in the XI and the ex-Leader curiously banished from the 2nds. Dicko arrived from his weekly ballet lesson in time to win the toss and make the rare, and baffling, decision to bat first.

So, out went the MCC openers to find an accurate and quicker-than-usual left-arm over doing ‘stuff’ with the ball and making it bounce rather more than, well, Dicko, for example. Before any damage could be done, however, Redrum had lobbed a simple caught & bowled back to the trundler up-the-hill who, having grasped the ball, was then head-butted by Potterne’s apparently drug-crazed extra cover causing the ball to be dropped and copious blood flow to emanate from the bowler’s nose. Not out (the batsman, that is… the bowler went off for a bit of recuperation).

After this excitement, business as usual resumed. Redrum bowled, your correspondent LBW (Wayne’s paranormal skills at work there, methinks), and Willsy castled after some fine shots, all to the leftie down the hill (3-22 off 12 overs). At the other end, Chivers Jr. and Spitting Cobra managed to get out to harmless full tosses, the latter not troubling the scorers in his innings, which lasted all of 2 balls. Only Simon Taylor dealt with bad balls in the appropriate way, smiting three maxima on his way to a rapid 30 before succumbing to an unbelievable, and more nonchalant than David Niven, one-handed catch on the boundary. 

At 82-6, things didn’t look good, but the Skipper and Fordy nudged the score past 100 before the young lad offered a simple catch to Potterne’s young lady member at mid-on. As Dicko watched the chance go down, James decided to run a quick single in celebration, unfortunately without letting his leader know that he was on his way until he tapped him on the shoulder saying, “Excuse me, old chap, shouldn’t you be running up the other end?” Sadly, the “other end” was up the hill and, despite Dicko’s famous bourrée (ballet aficionados will recognise the term), he could not beat the throw and was run out by a girl. Cue sympathetic noises from the boundary, as you can no doubt imagine.

Next up was Matt Green, recently christened Grasshopper for reasons unclear. Greeny’s batting average to-date was approximately 0.00034 but, with the benefit of high-class but probably illegal medicinal chemistry, this was about to change. A straight bat of Victorian quality, coupled with pugilistic strokes through the off-side, saw the Grasshopper to a career-best 26 not out and (with help from Fordy, Roper Snr. and senior Prof.) MCC to a welcome 158-9 off 45 overs.

Tea was a more cheerful affair than expected, therefore, and was creatively assembled by Commander M. Roper (D.S.C. and bar) with no help from his son. The opposition was remarkably stimulated by this collation and every batter came out with an apparent determination to finish the game – one way or another – in the shortest time possible.

Two wickets went down quickly, with Dicko the lucky recipient of competently caught skiers (one especially well held by Simon T). Spitting Cobra was less fortunate, having the top of a finger reduced to a bleeding pulp – think the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail – in a vain attempt to stop a straight drive. Despite “twas but a scratch”, the Cricket Manager departed for the pavilion for a sit down and a smoke.

mattgreenMeanwhile, the opposition number 4 was celebrating his birthday (what other explanation could there be) by mixing up proper cricket shots with incredible luck to reach a quick-fire 50. Uphill bowling contributions did not help matters and, even though the danger man was run out by the cool head of the Cricket Manager, who had finally returned to the fray, the Potterne score had soon passed 120 with only 4 out. At this point, even the Skipper realised that he couldn’t wait for the rabbits to show up and that caution needed to be thrown to the proverbial wind. So, in tandem with Spit. Cob., the die was cast. Another skier was held (yes, second attempt, I admit) and then 2 in 2 balls from the Black Knight, reducing the opposition to 144-7.

Unfortunately, one batter remained who had demonstrated a real knack for avoiding being caught and an ability to draw blood from another (older) finger that intercepted a decent whack off the Skipper at mid-wicket. One key chance went down at a crucial moment and that was it… with a final boundary sealing our defeat by 3 wkts. Potterne only need 26.3 overs to reach 160, a testament to their cavalier approach and some wayward bowling. In the field, we caught some good ones, but were less tidy than in previous games. It must be said that a lot of ‘chances’ simply landed in the wrong place and, on another day, our total would’ve been enough.

MoM has to go to Greeny for his batting, with a special mention to Simon T, who initiated our recovery to a half-way decent score. Champagne moment in this blood-spattered encounter has to be Dicko’s run out by the fielder with the lowest testosterone level in the WCCL Division 6. You know what Geoffrey Boycott would have to say about that!

Richard Guy


  • Result: Potterne CC - 4th XI - Won by 3 wickets
  • Toss: Marshfield CC - 3rd XI won the toss and elected to bat
  • Ground: Withymead 
Marshfield CC - 3rd XI
NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Richard Guy lbw b   Kevin Clarke 8 0 0 0
2 Robert Redman b   Kevin Clarke 4 0 0 0
3 Andy Wills b   Kevin Clarke 17 2 0 0
4 Charlie Chivers ct Unsure b   John Bramwell 7 1 0 0
5 Gary Hodder ct Unsure b   John Bramwell 0 0 0 0
6 Simon Taylor ct Andrew Genever b   harry clarke 30 2 3 0
7 Mark Dixon* ro Leah Gale     20 2 0 0
8 James Ford ct Unsure b   Craig Fisher 23 2 0 0
9 Matthew Green Not Out     26 4 0 0
10 Martin Roper+ ct Unsure b   harry clarke 10 2 0 0
11 Mike Threadgill Not Out     2 0 0 0
Byes (7), Leg Byes (1), Wides (1), No Balls (2)
Fall of Wickets
14-1 Robert Redman (Richard Guy-7*); 15-2 Richard Guy (Andy Wills-0*); 38-3 Charlie Chivers (Andy Wills-14*); 38-4 Gary Hodder (Andy Wills-14*); 63-5 Andy Wills (Simon Taylor-20*); 82-6 Simon Taylor (Mark Dixon-8*); 104-7 Mark Dixon (James Ford-9*); 135-8 James Ford (Matthew Green-17*); 155-9 Martin Roper (Matthew Green-25*);
* = notout batsman
NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Kevin Clarke 12 2 22 3 0 0
2 Craig Fisher 12 1 34 1 0 1
3 John Bramwell 9 0 48 2 0 1
4 harry clarke 12 1 45 2 1 0
Potterne CC - 4th XI
NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 M Tarr+ ct Richard Guy b   Mark Dixon 11 0 0 0
2 C Garbutt b   James Ford 15 0 0 0
3 Max Bartholomew ct Simon Taylor b   Mark Dixon 0 0 0 0
4 Mark Wrigley ro Gary Hodder     58 0 0 0
5 Hugh Vaughan-Jones Not Out     48 0 0 0
6 Kevin Clarke ct Richard Guy b   Mark Dixon 10 0 0 0
7 harry clarke ct Robert Redman b   Gary Hodder 5 0 0 0
8 John Bramwell b   Gary Hodder 0 0 0 0
9 Andrew Genever* Not Out     4 0 0 0
10 Craig Fisher Did Not Bat     - - - -
11 Leah Gale Did Not Bat     - - - -
Byes (2), Leg Byes (1), Wides (7), No Balls (2)
Fall of Wickets
18-1 M Tarr (C Garbutt-7*); 19-2 Max Bartholomew (C Garbutt-8*); 65-3 C Garbutt (Mark Wrigley-0*); 92-4 Mark Wrigley (Hugh Vaughan-Jones-9*); 128-5 Kevin Clarke (Hugh Vaughan-Jones-27*); 144-6 harry clarke (Hugh Vaughan-Jones-37*); 144-7 John Bramwell (Hugh Vaughan-Jones-37*);
* = notout batsman
NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
1 Mark Dixon 9.3 1 40 3 0 0
2 Gary Hodder 8 2 31 2 0 0
3 Simon Taylor 3 0 30 0 0 0
4 James Ford 4 0 37 1 0 0
5 Charlie Chivers 2 0 20 0 7 2

Match Officials

Umpires Alan Chivers

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