marshfield maidens are definitely improving!

Women v Goatacre-5

We did lose against Potterne last night but actually we played really well. We scored 74 and batted our 20 overs with a wicket to spare. However when Potterne put on their county player and their player who plays for the men’s team to bat they steamed ahead. The Maidens played as a cohesive team and all the batsmen (batswomen?) were looking for opportunities to run. A few comedy moments with both batsmen at the same end - the team screaming ‘run!’ from the boundary – but getting away with it as the opposition didn’t know what to do either. Nicola and Jane had an exciting partnership resulting in Nicola getting 30 and Jane 11. Jane was retired to prevent an ambulance being required.

Fielding was much more dynamic and there was even backing up going on. Wicket keeper Ann never let anything past her and had some very fast reactions when the ball changed direction suddenly and Chantelle prevented so many 4s on that short boundary with her excellent fielding that we lost count. Particularly lovely bowling from Nicola, Nina, Sandra and Anna. Nina also caught one and Anna bowled a wicket on her second ball.

All in a great team effort and as always Marshfield won the cake competition with goodies from Phoebe and Chantelle and a chocolate cake to die for from Ann.  

Sandra Rouse & Jane Christie

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