Rouse Innings Not Enough to Prevent Defeat

sandra rouse2

Bristol YMCA won 75 to 102. It was a lot of fun and Bristol made us very welcome.

The Maidens fielding was good with great backing up and running by all. Nina at mid-wicket in particular was unpassable. Ann did a sterling job behind the wickets and Emily stopped many boundaries. The bowling was lovely; Anna, Sandra, Millie and Amelia all took wickets assisted by impressive catches by Nina and Karen. And that in Karen’s first match ever.

One person stood out batting; Sandra She opened the batting and scored 30 not out. Without her we might have had a very short innings. As it was we managed the full 20 overs and despite Sandra’s best efforts Jane was not out.

milie jobling

It was great to have Faith and Karen with us for their first match having only joined us in the last few weeks. Also lovely to have some supporters. Thanks especially to Matt for umpiring and Jerm for scoring.


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