1st Defeat for 2nds since Trowbridge at Trowbridge!

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On Saturday 15th of July Marshfield 2’s travelled to the County Ground for the second reverse fixture of the season against the so far unbeaten Trowbridge2’s.  Bolstered by the inclusion of perennial first team bad boy, Dave Jenkins Jr, fresh from his VK tantrums at North Perrott. Along with the returning Russell Lodge, fresh from watching cars go around and around and around all weekend. A strong team ventured forth high in anticipation and fully expecting to be top of the table at the close of play.

This feeling was further enhanced as the Skipper does what comes naturally to him losing the toss and we fielded! Great all going to plan then away we go.

Charlie Chivers took the new ball and bowled superbly his third ball of the innings finding the off stump the Trowbridge number 2 early breakthrough! Two overs later Chivers again finding the glove of the number 3 caught Sinkins, the first of 4 catches for the skipper behind the stumps.

The other end was not quite so successful with vice skipper Rob Iles not exactly hitting a consistent line and length, but we were in the game and were taking wickets.  The only fly in the ointment was the Trowbridge opener who was in fine form. Those with good memories will remember one Kevin Hendy opening the buffet, sorry bowling, against him at home and getting carted all over the place, before the ball of the season removed his off stump, thankfully before any real damage was done.

2nd BERCC 31 05 14 4But this week we had a proper bowling attack and it was only a matter of time before we snared him, fingers and of course this being Trowbridge toes crossed as well.

Charlie took a third wicket and with the scoreboard looking encouraging, that’s numbers 2, 3 & 4 only scoring five runs between them.  This prompted the home scorer to remark bloody hell we haven’t lost all year! We might lose this one!

But they started to rebuild a bit, well got lucky! Charlie out of the attack replaced by Glenn Perry second ball to the new bat edge! short of slip, chance!  A few balls later big swipe towards Charlie, who to be kind did not pick it up straight away tumbling effort dropped.

And then as per most games, nothing happened until after drinks!! The opener who by now was on a chanceless 59 littered with glorious drives, that got full value from the parched shorn outfield, gifted a lofted drive off of Perry to Tanner that was snaffled with ease.

Matt Watson joined the attack and Marshfield had a joint leg spin attack and we started picking up wickets at regular intervals each new batsman getting a start and then falling but the score was ticking over and creeping up. The number 5 who to date had led a charmed life started to open his shoulders and smites one ball over cow corner straight into the windscreen of a spectators Z3.

Another couple of lusty blows brings some more boundaries before Tanner holds one back, gets it to stick in the pitch a little and the ball comes straight back to him. Well I say straight it went up and up and up everyone looked at Tanner stood there waiting for the ball to return from orbit. If truth be known to a man thinking please catch this, more in hope then expectation! Then a shout went up Jenkins!!! Rushing in from extra cover like a man processed was Jenkins. Again, he called for the ball a little more forcefully this time, and Tanner stood there to watch the ball, still waiting for it to come down. One last call of Jenkins come forth and even though he had run fully 30 yards and Tanner had stood still! Not one voice said, Tanners. The ball finally came down and despite a slight misjudgement Jenkins held on. Finally, out for 48. Tail in and the score below 150 we still have a chance here men one last effort.

The rest of the innings was a surprise each batsman coming out and playing their shots each driving anything pitched up each getting a start before falling the last wicket fell to Chivers caught Jenkins on the boundary straight drive caught shoulder height from the number 10!

 The score had crept up to 197 with only 4 batsmen getting into double figures, with two accounting for half the score! But still, it looked significantly better than at our place and with our batting line up a score of less than 200 should be achievable.

Tea was a picnic outdoors and was taken in good spirits. Skipper to Hendy fancy another go up top with Glenn? Hendy to Skipper what about Lodge and Jenkins? They want 3 and 4, well Jenkins actually wanted 7 but was overruled by the Skipper. Yep why not after all I had not been dismissed for two weeks and had a good personal record at Trowbridge so out we went.

First over left arm over medium pace Glenn boundary off of a wideish one up over the two gullies in place. Then a 2 finished off the over, nice 6 runs. Nothing fancy next over.  It was the number 5 who so far had had a bit of luck, dropped twice! another one short of slip! And to use the words of more than one player looked bloody terrible. But he had scored 48 let’s hope that it was not going to carry on with the ball.

duckThe first 5 balls were normal fare; a couple bit wide outside off, followed by one a little down the leg side, a couple on target. Then the 6th ball came down classic forward defensive from Hendy, followed by a noise that sounded remarkably like leather on wood. Hendy looks around to find his off stump at a funny angle, bails on the floor and the keeper and slips celebrating.  Hendy out duck so much for the last two weeks and for being back!

Not to worry in comes Lodge 88 against these at home in fine form plenty of time, but wait Lodge out! Caught by one of the two gullies for a single. Not to worry Jenkins in next again in fine form, exiled from the first team for crimes against running and waste bins! Surely Jenkins and Perry will steady the ship and start to make inroads into the meagre total.

Noooo! Second ball Jenkins on the back foot! Across the line! Attempted pull to leg out bowled! the number bloody 5 had three wickets as well as his streaky bloody 48. Marshfield’s number 2, 3 & 4 four score one run between them! Hang on sounds familiar!

Long way to go still and we bat down a long way so not all lost. The Skipper joins Perry and we start to rebuild. Slow going against a constant stream of medium pacers. Left arm over replaces left arm over. Seven Trowbridge bowlers are used all medium pace, but to be fair they didn’t need any other variations as today it was working for them.

Glen next to fall well caught in the slips Enter Matt Watson who goes on to top score with 37. Him and Chopper forging a comeback with a great partnership of over 50. Chopper looking in great nick matching Watson drive for drive, shot for shot, both playing some great cricket shots. This symmetry even going as far as their dismissals both caught behind off of the same bowler.

The final play of the day came between Iles and Chivers, obviously batting under instructions from the Skipper not to get out! They batted manfully for the ninth wicket Rob finishing with 17 not out and Chivers 3 from considerably more balls.

So, there we have it Marshfield 2’s lost for the first time since Trowbridge home. The symmetry between the two side was staggering.

Only four batsmen got into double figures.

2 opening bowlers finished with 4 wickets apiece.

2, 3 & 4 for both sides out for a combined score of 6.

The difference Trowbridge number 5 Prabhu Vanniyar 48 runs. 9 overs 4 wickets 5 maidens 10 runs. Well played Sir well played.

To add salt into the wounds Devizes moved above Marshfield into second with a comprehensive win but by only one point.  If we are to enjoy back to back promotions then we cannot afford any more slip-ups and have to take every point we can.

Also, and this goes right against the grain! become Trowbridge CC supporters on the 28th of July when they entertain Devizes.

kevin hendy head
  Kevin Hendy


Fixture Details

Type : League: Wiltshire County Cricket League - Division 4 2018 Date : Saturday 14th July 2018
Toss: Trowbridge CC - 2nd XI won the toss and elected to bat Start Time: 13:00
Ground: The County Ground Rules Type: Standard

Highlights :

Ryan Salter 59 Prabhu Vanniyar 48 Charlie Chivers’s 7.3-1-34-4 Prabhu Vanniyar 9-5-11-4

Result Summary

Result:    Trowbridge CC - 2nd XI - Won by 62 runs

  Trowbridge CC - 2nd XIMarshfield CC - 2nd XI
Score 197 all out (42.3 overs) 'b' 't' 135 for 8 (45 overs)

Trowbridge CC - 2nd XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Ryan Salter ct Graham Tanner b  Glenn Perry 59 0 0 77
2 Kyle Oakley   b  Charlie Chivers 0 0 0 2
3 Alistair Goddard* ct Colin Sinkins b  Charlie Chivers 0 0 0 4
4 Matthew Dicker ct Colin Sinkins b  Charlie Chivers 5 0 0 8
5 Prabhu Vanniyar ct Dave Jenkins b  Graham Tanner 48 0 0 73
6 Jayke Hudd   b  Matt Watson 9 0 0 18
7 Tom Lloyd   b  Matt Watson 6 0 0 9
8 Jake Paxton ct Colin Sinkins b  Alastair Christie 18 0 0 25
9 Luke Seymour ct Colin Sinkins b  Graham Tanner 5 0 0 8
10 Harry Robbins ct Dave Jenkins b  Charlie Chivers 16 0 0 16
11 Luke Mitchell not out   5 0 0 9
Extras       b (8), lb (7), w (11) 26  
Total 197  
Wickets all out  
Overs 42.3  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

2-1 Kyle Oakley (Ryan Salter-0*); 6-2 Alistair Goddard (Ryan Salter-0*); 24-3 Matthew Dicker (Ryan Salter-21*); 104-4 Ryan Salter (Prabhu Vanniyar-22*); 133-5 Jayke Hudd (Prabhu Vanniyar-41*); 143-6 Tom Lloyd (Prabhu Vanniyar-45*); 157-7 Prabhu Vanniyar (Jake Paxton-7*); 162-8 Luke Seymour (Jake Paxton-7*); 186-9 Jake Paxton (Harry Robbins-7*); 197-10 Harry Robbins (Luke Mitchell-5*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Charlie Chivers 7.3 1 34 4 8 0
Rob Iles 5 0 25 0 3 0
Alastair Christie 8 0 36 1 0 0
Glenn Perry 8 1 42 1 0 0
Matt Watson 8 1 28 2 0 0
Graham Tanner 6 1 17 2 0 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 15 0
Total 42.3 4 197 10 11 0

Marshfield CC - 2nd XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Glenn Perry ct Alistair Goddard b  Luke Mitchell 12 2 0 38
2 Kevin Hendy   b  Prabhu Vanniyar 0 0 0 5
3 Russell Lodge ct Ryan Salter b  Prabhu Vanniyar 1 0 0 7
4 Dave Jenkins   b  Prabhu Vanniyar 0 0 0 3
5 Matt Watson ct Kyle Oakley b  Jayke Hudd 37 6 0 58
6 Colin Sinkins*† lbw b  Luke Mitchell 6 1 0 19
7 Alastair Christie ct Kyle Oakley b  Jayke Hudd 30 3 0 41
8 Gary Hodder lbw b  Prabhu Vanniyar 5 0 0 25
9 Rob Iles not out   17 2 0 47
10 Charlie Chivers not out   3 0 0 27
11 Graham Tanner did not bat          
Extras       b (6), lb (8), w (9), nb (1) 24  
Total 135  
Wickets 8  
Overs 45  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

6-1 Kevin Hendy (Glenn Perry-4*); 10-2 Russell Lodge (Glenn Perry-6*); 14-3 Dave Jenkins (Glenn Perry-8*); 21-4 Glenn Perry (Matt Watson-1*); 47-5 Colin Sinkins (Matt Watson-19*); 88-6 Matt Watson (Alastair Christie-22*); 99-7 Alastair Christie (Gary Hodder-2*); 117-8 Gary Hodder (Rob Iles-8*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Harry Robbins 7 3 11 0 2 0
Prabhu Vanniyar 9 5 10 4 0 0
Luke Seymour 6 2 20 0 0 0
Luke Mitchell 5 1 18 2 2 0
Tom Lloyd 6 1 21 0 0 0
Jake Paxton 5 0 22 0 2 1
Jayke Hudd 7 0 19 2 3 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 14 0
Total 45 12 135 8 9 1

Match Officials

Umpires Mike Threadgill, Goddard Ali
Scorers Julie Hendy, Geoffrey Dicker

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