Marshfield Maidens Review 2018

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want to start by thanking all those who have helped make the Maidens happen this year. In particular Sandra for all her coaching and Andy and Jonathan for always making sure we have a pitch and the bar and everything else we need when we need them. Thanks also to Will P and Callum for coaching us when Sandra is away. All of your efforts are much appreciated thank you.

We have had 12 regular players this year with a couple of infrequent players. That included 4 new players which is great. Unfortunately still not enough to get a team out easily but we are still going which has to be good. We struggle to keep players coming from one season to the next. This winter, January to March, we have entered the South Glos indoor league. This is the first time we have committed to a league, but enthusiasm is high and I have 10 players signed up. I am hopeful that it will put us in a good position for the next season. Both in terms of players having built on their skills and being in a cricket frame of mind as the outdoor season begins. I am hoping we will move seamlessly from one to the other.

The ECB’s focus for women’s cricket in 2018 has been to stage softball festivals. These are 6 or 8 aside matches played as pairs and using an adult version of kwik cricket kit. Marshfield went to 6 festivals and I reckon we won more matches than we lost. I had arranged 6 friendly T20 matches too but only managed to play 3 of which we won 1 and lost 2.

For next season I still do not feel ready to commit us to a T20 league but there is talk of forming softball cricket leagues in both Wilts and South Glos in addition to more softball festivals which we may join. The idea is the most established teams will play T20; The softball league will be for more experienced newcomers and the festivals for very new teams. However, we will see. We will certainly play cricket in one form or another.

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