The Maidens win the last match of the season

maidens team photo 15.5.19

Once the team managed to find their way to Hawkesbury Upton (they really need a sign) the last match of the season got going. 10 aside softball with just 2 overs a pair due to the threatening clouds. Hawkesbury had lots of players so three of them joined Marshfield and played well despite the good-natured heckling from their teammates.

Janet and Hannah S were by far our best batters scoring 14 and 13. Hannah hit a 6 – not something we see often. Fielding was tight by all.

Two overs to go and Hawkesbury need 14 runs to win. A wicket from Jane, caught by Jo left the match to be decided in the last over. Lottie bowled fabulously taking 3 wickets in that last over, two of which were beautifully caught on the boundary by Sandra and the third a run-out. Marshfield 88 – Hawkesbury 59. A suitably exciting end to the season.

jChristie head

 Jane Christie



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