Maidens and Cricket Managers AGM Reports – Season 2019


Maidens Report


Maidens 15/05/19


I want to start by thanking all those who have helped make the Maidens happen this year. I would like to thank Sandra for her coaching, Andy and Jonathan for always making sure we have a pitch and the bar and scoreboard, even scoring as well on occasion, thank you Jonathan. Thanks to Mike for umpiring for us whatever the cricket format and whatever the strange rules we have created for the occasion. All of your efforts are much appreciated thank you. If there are others out there who fancy supporting by scoring or umpiring do please come and join us. We need all the backup we can get.

We have had a squad of 14 this year including a new player who has turned out to be a natural with a bat. Something we definitely need. We were able to play in a softball cricket league which was 8 aside. It is the first year this league has taken place and consisted of 3 teams. We came 2nd. I am hoping this league will be repeated in the coming season and will have a few more teams in it. But it was a good start. We managed to play only two of our 4 friendly 11 aside hardball matches with the backup of Marshfield’s very capable juniors. Good matches but we lost them both. Over all across the season we won 4 and lost 3 matches. For us thats heading in the right direction.

In 2020, for the women’s game, I am trying to create opportunities for our players at different levels of the game. During the winter we have entered an indoor competition in Bristol which worked really well last year at keeping everyone’s skills going and gave us a good start into the season. Then I plan to get us involved in cricket at different levels of the women’s game. Entering some festivals to get our newest players experience in a fun and not very competitive environment. Entering the softball league for more competitive softball cricket and some 11 aside hardball friendlies to keep our better players interested and stretch everyone’s game.

We will be running a fun girls pairs game encouraging girls to bring along mums, aunties, friends to try to build a bridge between the girls and adult team and maybe encourage the adults to come and play again. And we will be encouraging junior girls to come and play with us as much as possible.

As always my main aim for the Maidens is to keep going so that in the long term there is a women’s team here at Marshfield for juniors to progress to. And so that the women who are involved to enjoy themselves and just play cricket.


sinkins head Jane Christie



Cricket Managers Report


Another season passes and was 2019 a success? Well, considering a team won a league; another finished bottom; and another finished mid table. That would probably deem the answer to be “alright”. However, with the First XI finishing in second place for the previous 5 seasons, the main objective for club was to see them promoted – so very well done to Pat, James and the lads in securing promotion to Premier 2 (the club’s highest ever league). I think they are building something good and sustainable, which should hopefully see pull through from the rest of the club.

In terms of players available – we probably had access more players than ever before. However, availability and regularity was not as good and this certainly meant that at times the Seconds and Thirds fielded some weakened teams. This could be seen as giving more players the opportunity to play, but you always want to be competitive and win matches – a fine balance! The Second XI certainly felt the brunt of poor player availability for the first half of the season, which unfortunately ultimately lead to their demise and likely relegation.

The captains have given full reports so I won’t repeat what they have written in terms of individual performances and certain matches. But all teams had some memorable games and that, of course, is why we play the game.

As ever we look forward to 2020 anticipating successful seasons for all players and all teams. Personally I’d like to see more players involved and unearthing some new youth players to make real contributions for the senior sides. I’d like to thank our main shirt sponsors for their first year of support -Zest Property and Marshfield Ice Cream. Finally I’d like to thank all the players, committee, tea ladies, scorers, umpires and of course the captains who have helped me out. Winter well chaps!


sinkins head Ben White


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