1st Team V Winsley CC 13:00 start

Meet at Broadleys at 11:15

Venue : Winsley CC (Click here for location details)

Dan Watson(c)

Russell Lodge

Ben White

Bill Johnson
Jeremy Bond

Matt Watson

Jack Ticehurst

Andy Jenkins
Jim Creed

Tom Lamb

Tom Clist

2nd Team V Winsley CC 13:30 start

Meet at Broadleys at  12:30

Venue : Broadleys (Click here for location details)

Wayne Pascall (c)

Gary Hodder

Calum Burnstone

Matt Cox
Alistair Christie

Robert Iles

Finn weston

Henry Trutch
Mark Crawford

Simon Bishop


3rd Team V Buscot Park 14:00 start

Meet at Broadleys at  12:15

Venue : Buscot Park (Click here for location details)

Richard Guy (c)

Alan Chivers

Charlie Chivers

Oscar Vellacott
Mark Dixon

Andy Wills

Terry Bishop

Mike Threadgill
Martin Ould

Michael Holman

Andrew Pierce


Please confirm your availability with the relevant captain ASAP.

If you haven't already done so please pay your yearly subscriptions (£60 for adult cricketers)



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