New Clubhouse Project - Initial Ideas

8. Visual Perspective


The current pavilion at Broadleys is 50 years old this season. There has been little or no improvement to the existing facility, apart from some basic repairs and internal upgrades. Is it fit for the current and future growth of the club? We have a large playing and social membership and are an integral part of the wider local community. We recently consulted the membership to ask what facilities they would like to see upgraded in a new pavilion. The below initial concepts have taken on board many of these responses.


The club has a Project Team in place to take the project forward stage by stage – from design, planning, feedback, build, costings, integration, usage -the list goes on.

The aim is to open the Pavilion in April 2021.

Initial Concept


3. Initial concept 3



The proposal is to move the new pavilion deeper into the North West corner of our site making use of significant and currently underutilised space. Moving the pavilion into this position has a number of benefits, most importantly it enhances the playing field by no longer disrupting the boundary and creating a larger outfield. 





The pavilion can also then be placed further back from the boundary edge than the existing building creating more space for spectators. As well as the improved space at the front of the pavilion, viewing areas are created at either side in the form of a sun terrace to the West capturing every bit of summer evening sun and a green picnic area to the East where the current pavilion currently stands.  (see below)


Site Plan


Internally the aim is to provide vastly improved site lines from within the clubhouse to the square through the use of large amounts of glazing to the boundary elevation. 

 The internal spaces also mirror the existing pavilions layout with the bar and clubhouse moving to the Western side creating a direct relationship with the new sun terrace and BBQ area and an improved main entrance on the West elevation. New facilities to be incorporated will include additional changing rooms for umpires and female players and disabled toilets

6. Spatial Arrangement 1

7. Spatial Arrangement 2



Whilst these initial diagrams and visuals capture our intentions and early ideas, we are still very much at the concept design stage with many more months of design development to come and be finalised. At this stage we are not ruling out other supplementary features or facets within the facility - we will research many options and, of course, what is achievable in terms of planning constraints, health and safety, and cost parameters. During the design process, there will be further opportunities for the public to contribute ideas and view the proposals as they progress.


If you have any feedback please do contact the Project Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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