The Changing Rooms Extension Build

broadleys extension 20


During preparations for the ClubForce ‘Tidy Up’ day at the weekend, a small photograph album was discovered lurking amongst the junk that was removed from beneath the old bar. Dating mainly from a half-remembered Summer in the region of 1988-92, the photos show the Broadleys Clubhouse (constructed in 1969) being extended to provide the current changing rooms. The exact year isn’t known, but one or two clues in the pictures help to narrow it down. It is interesting to note from interior shots of the pavilion that in many ways not a lot has changed over the intervening years!

Some of you will spot some familiar faces amongst the assembled players and their families. In so many ways, the highlight of these photographs is the appearance of a youthful blonde fellow drinking in the bar and then re-appearing to seemingly carry out some in-game stretching exercises on the car park boundary! If you can add any detail, or would like to see the original photographs, please let us know.

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