Marshfield Fantasy Cricket League 2018

Due to the inclement weather and the strong possibility that tomorrows 2ndXI match will fall victim to it, the fantasy season will not start until the following Saturday when all 3 teams play. Up until midday 5th May you can still make as many free transfers as you like to your team. Another feature I've just noticed is that player prices are going to increase and decrease during the seaosn in line with their performance - this is done automatically not by me!! - Mark Dixon


“If you really want the key to success, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”  ― Brad Szollose

With three Saturday teams and more than 50 senior playing members, the club is bigger and better than ever before. So is our fantasy league and its back for 2018.

The theory behind it is threefold: firstly, it's just a good bit of intra-club competitive fun. Secondly, it's a great way of meeting other members of the club, continuing the great atmosphere around the place and keeping everyone involved in others' successes, with the 1s and 3s as interested in each other's results as their own. Thirdly, with a number of club legends having recently moved on to different parts of the globe, this is as good a way as any of keeping them involved with how teams and individuals are getting on. So wherever you are, please get involved!

The club is charging £10 to enter, with 50% of all entry money being put back into the prize money pot.

The link to the website is below - all very self-explanatory once you're there. Just press 'sign-up', enter an email address and a password, and you'll be free to create your team. £55m to spend, four batsmen, four bowlers, two all-rounders and one keeper. Captain scores double points and can be changed weekly. All rules and point-scoring info can be found on the site.


You get one free transfer per week once the season starts but unlimited transfers between now and 6th May. So please feel free to start having a play-around with your options sooner rather than later. You'll realise it's harder than it seems...

Naturally, there will always be a bit of debate over valuations. Rest assured, we have not just plucked figures out of the sky - tempting though it was! A select panel of experts have spent ages coming up with values, first, to place players into batter, bowler, all-rounder and keeper categories; and then to rank them value-wise on last season's statistics and expected availability.  For what it's worth the freak of nature that is Jeremy Bond isthe most expensive buy , while you can snaffle up veteran Terry Bishop in a juicy-looking £1.0m bargain.

I've tried to push this as close to football's highly successful Fantasy Premier League game - in look, selection, rules and point-scoring. For those that aren't familiar with the concept, treat it as a poor man's IPL auction! The rules, particularly point scoring is slightly different from last season. Also you can pick a different formation..



  • There can be only one team entered per registered user account.
  • Each team shall have a value of no more than £55 million.
  • Managers may enter a team at any point during the season, although in order to score points for the first gameweek, teams must be submitted before the Season Start date. Thereafter, entries will start scoring points from the gameweek after they were entered and points will not be backdated.


  • The gameweek will advance every Saturday at midday; the same time as transfers and captain changes are processed.
  • For the purpose of viewing league standings by month, gameweeks that span two months will count for the month that they started in.

Transfers and Captain Changes

  • Managers may alter their teams at any point during the Season. A total of 1 free transfer is available each week and additional transfers are permitted, but will incur a cost of -20 points per transfer. When a captain is transferred out of a team, the team will be without a captain and a new one should be selected.
  • Transfers and captain changes may be submitted at any time but will not take effect until midday the following Saturday, so they are active for the upcoming gameweek.
  • Please note that transfers are free and unlimited up until midday on the date of the first match (the 2nd XI game v Corsham on April 28th).
  • Should a players value increase at any point during the season, then teams who have selected that player shall recieve the difference as additional budget when making transfers.
  • Should a players value decrease, teams will lose that amount from their transfer budget (as long as the budget remains above the original limit).

Team Selection

  • The players included on the selection list and their values will be determined by the League Administrator.
  • Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week. You may change your captain each week if you wish.
  • Each team must contain 11 players and the make-up of each team is flexible in terms of how many players can be selected from each position. Other than a compulsory wicket-keeper, team managers may select any number of batters and bowlers up to a maximim of 5 from each position, and up to 3 all rounders.


  • All players are eligible to earn points of any type. Batters will get points for taking wickets and bowlers will get points for scoring runs.
  • Players will score points as detailed below:

1 points per run
10 points for a not out
20 points for scoring 50+ runs
40 points for scoring 100+ runs
-20 points for scoring a duck


20 points per wicket
40 points for taking 5+ wickets
5 points per maiden
-20 points for conceding 40+ runs (without taking a wicket)


10 points per catch
15 points per stumping
15 points per run out


I'd like to think that, as a club, we could hit, as a minimum, 20+ participants - not least for a very pleasant jackpot at the end of it all! If you're new to the club or didn't play last season and want to get involved, let me know and we'll get you uploaded with an appropriate valuation.

To be in with a chance of winning the jackpot the £10 fee must be paid by the 2nd full games of the season May 12th. Just hand the money to Piercey when you see him or contact him to arrange a bank transfer.

In the meantime, sign-up, think of an amusing team name, and put a side together. It's not easy, and it's not meant to be!

Mark Dixon

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