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With new Play-Cricket scoring software in use this season for 1st XI games we’ve already had many queries on how to use the Play-Cricket live score app – here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do so. If you want to view the scores on your PC you can do by clicking this link

This comes with a few caveats:

  • If the club we are playing at doesn’t have WiFi, the match may not be scored live. It’ll depend on whether a reliable 4G mobile signal is available. Keep your eye out on social media as we will try our best to let you know if it will be live scored or not.
  • We will always tweet out updates and where possible post to Facebook – best to follow us on our social media platforms
  • All home games will be scored live where possible – but we’d love to see you in person. No one likes an armchair fan  (unless you are part of our Aussie/Dubai  supporters club!)

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How to see live scores:

  1. Download the Play Cricket Live app – it has a green icon (looks like the above) and is available for Apple devices here and Android devices here
  2. Click the search bar and search for Marshfield CC
  3. Click on the team and press the star at the top right of the screen – this means you are following the team
  4. At the bottom of the screen there is an icon with 4 squares and a medal icon. Click the medal icon – this will bring up fixtures and a match centre
  5. Click match centre and this will show you any live match – only when it is in progress and with updates every over or so.
  6. If you click on the bell under the scores, you will get alerts on wickets, milestones and match moments.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to display the live scores on our website but Play Cricket are ‘working on this’ and we hope it will possible at some stage this season.

Whilst we don’t claim to be experts, if you have any questions please just ask on social channels or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  – we’ll be happy to try and help.

jon burnstone head 

 Jon Burnstone | 1st XI Scorer 

PS Many thanks to http://www.lowerhousecc.com/ & Adam Hope who kindly allowed us to adapt this guide!

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