Mobile Net Cages

Due to the inclement weather and forecast, it has been cancelled this afternoon. Postponed until next Thursday 31st May.

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Dear All,

As you have probably noticed the club have recently (with some help thank you!) invested in some new mobile net cages. This is to replace the old cage and also provide an additional new cage – improving facilities for all cricketers throughout the club.

However, these don’t get built by elves overnight (unless you count Kevin Hendy as an elf – thanks Kev for putting up the first net!). So we need your help!

  1. The first mobile net has been built.
  2. The old net mobile needs to be dismantled.
  3. The second new mobile net needs to be built.

Phase 2 (and maybe some of 3) will begin on Thursday 24th May from 4pm ish onwards – all hands on deck please.

All players of all ages and sexes benefit from these facilities at certain times of the season, so we’d need your help! Otherwise they will just remain in piles of metal poles and netting up in the top corner of the ground.

If you have tools and ladders bring them along.


ben white headBen White

Secretary & Cricket Manager


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