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The risqué bunting adorning the clubhouse, the subject of much local gossip (who do they belong to? have you seen the one with the fur, what about the one with the tassels right above JB in his score box?!) all hinted at something unconventional… …… and on Saturday, the club turned pink in a charity event to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer.

Yes, there was still cricket..but with pink stumps, balls, pads and caps…. Yes, there was still tea and it was still excellent – but with a serious pink theme….and oodles of it for spectators to enjoy (for a donation). Yes, there was still the bar….but with pink fizz, and pink gin (sadly no pink cider). Yes, there were spectators – but more than usual (many dressed in pink), enjoying the fabulous summer’s afternoon.

The opposition entered the spirit too, pink neon socks (and we are reliably informed pink underpants….) and the game was played in the usual friendly but fiercely competitive manner. And after the event, a draw for a cricket bat, won by Devizes’ Ben McGowan, was made and Keith’s delicious barbeque and more pink fizz capped off a great day. A grand total of £686 was raised for a fantastic cause.

Oh…and yes, Marshfield won the cricket, thanks to a great whack by the team captain and a lot of wickets picked up by our rumbustious overseas player (but they did make a bit of a meal of it…!)

Thanks to all who supported the event, to those at Wiltshire Cricket League/Against Breast Cancer who provided materials and ideas and to those who were involved in any way – but particular thanks to Jennie (the Bunting creator), Matt Cox (Chief organiser), Keith (bbq) and to all the tea people (especially Jane and Sarah) who every weekend excel themselves but this weekend stepped up to another level…., the players and to Devizes who embraced the day and provided the “entertainment”.

Look out for further charity Cricket days next season!

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Belinda Burnstone

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