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The continued growth of the club throughout 2017 has meant a record number of senior playing members registered for the 2018 season. With that in mind, the MCC Selection Policy aims to provide a fair and transparent approach to the selection process across all senior Saturday sides.

The Cricket Committee made up of the Cricket Manager and respective captains and vice-captains of the club’s senior sides shall aim to meet weekly following nets to confirm the teams for the following weekend.


Captains (and/or Vice-Captains) will take the availability of players for the next fixture, immediately following each game. All players will also receive a weekly email (Sunday mornings), requesting confirmation of availability.

It is the responsibility of each player to confirm to either one of the nominated captains, or cricket manager, that they are available for selection the following weekend. This needs to be done before selection meetings.

Where a player’s availability is unknown and he cannot be reached for confirmation, he will not be considered for selection.


It is the aim of the Cricket Committee to meet each Tuesday evening to discuss selection and any other cricketing matters.

Team Confirmation

We aim to publish and confirm on Wednesday, selection for Saturday’s matches and will be published by Thursday at the latest. An email from the cricket manager will be sent to those selected players with teams published on the club website. Players to then confirm by 5 pm on Thursday to their respective captain.


The following objectives and criteria will be applied by the Cricket Committee when selecting the sides each weekend:

Selection objectives as a club:

  • Ensure the performance and attitude of the First XI are sufficiently strong to attract new senior members, junior members and sponsors to the club.
  • Promote a selection policy that encourages junior players to stay with the club and creates a clear pathway into senior cricket.
  • Ensure each team has an environment in which players are encouraged to develop and improve their own game.
  • To create the environment for each team to win whilst also serving to develop players.

Player criteria to be considered across all teams:

  • Availability for any weekend is for any of the three teams.
  • Fully paid-up members of the club who have confirmed availability the previous week will be prioritised.
  • Availability throughout the season (individual circumstances and previous years’ availability will be taken into account).
  • Attitude during games and at training across the teams, with priority going to those players regularly attending at least one of the 2 weekly club training sessions.
  • Current form across all cricket (Men’s, Maidens’ & Juniors) and during training.
  • The balance of side to ensure those players picked have a specific role in the side and to enable that side the best possible chance of winning.
  • Attendance at club social and community events.

The mission of each team for the 2018 Season:

  • 1st XI: To win the Wiltshire Premier League. The team result will be the priority and all decisions will be based on performing at as high a level as possible in each game.
  • 2nd XI: To consolidate our position in Wiltshire Division 4 following last year’s promotion, whilst providing support to the 1st XI in allowing individuals to find form and in developing new players. While the result is important, the 2nd XI will also focus on individual development so that players are ready to move to 1st XI.
  • 3rd XI: The development of new and younger players; to integrate junior members into senior cricket and provide support to 2nd and 1st XI. While the primary focus will be on player development, achieving promotion will also be a key consideration in order to minimise the gap between the 2nd and 3rd teams.

All selections are final and will be the decision of the Cricket Committee, rather than the respective captain. Where a member is moving between teams, their respective captain will be happy to discuss the reasons for any selection and what their expectations of the player are that week.

With the continued competition for places within each team, there will always be situations in which players miss out on playing where and when they would expect. We are always happy to discuss the rationale behind any individual selection with players and taking the above criteria into account, we hope that the selections throughout the season will be seen as consistent and fair. We’re always trying to improve as a club, so any feedback or discussion on the policy is welcomed.

The Cricket Committee

(Cricket Manager – 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI Captains & Vice-Captains)




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