Its Cricket - But Not As We Know It!

1stXi Warminster 17 08 19 03

Hi All,

As you have all been probably reading, analysing and chatting about – cricket is making a return!

Some of you will have been netting and taking part in various training sessions, whilst many of you will have been building up much needed Brownie points with the other half in the knowledge that ciurcket might, just might, be able to be played again.

Both WEPL and WCCL are making plans to look at localised “leagues”.

  • WEPL – likely start date 25th July. Leagues of 6/8 teams, local to us. (We need to let WEPL know by end of Monday!!)
  • WCCL – no start date, but they have mentioned running into September.
  • There is likely to be some restrictions around changing rooms, toilets, bar area and teas. (You may have to arrive changed and bring your own tea, for example.)
  • No club will be penalised if they do not wish to enter any of these leagues.

So whilst nothing is finalised yet, we’d like to know your preferences…..

  1. I am keen to play some cricket matches based on the above and will be available for most of the remaining weekends.
  2. Let’s just organise some friendlies and inter-club matches,.
  3. Don’t care – I just want to play cricket for Marshfield!
  4. I won’t be playing this season, as I value teas and shower banter over anything.

If you can let me know your thoughts asap that would be great!


ben white headBen White Cricket Manager – MCC

07974 777037 | @Ben_Chalky | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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