The ECB has released a provisional Return to Cricket Roadmap for England. Further clarification is expected via County Boards in the coming weeks. Wiltshire Cricket have released the following statement in response:

Wiltshire Cricket Statement on ECB roadmap:

Wiltshire Cricket welcomes the release of the ECB roadmap as it provides confirmation of the ever increasing confidence that we have felt in recent weeks regarding the return of recreational cricket and the prospects for a really positive summer at all levels of the game. We would highlight that the information released today is at a very headline level, and that during the course of next week the Government will be releasing sport’s sector wide guidance for step 1b of its roadmap (effective from 29th March). Therefore, it’s really important for everyone to be patient with regards some of the specific detail that is simply not available to ECB at this point in time. During the course of next week we are anticipating detailed Outdoor Playing Guidance being released by ECB and so until then we would ask everyone to refrain from getting too concerned at some of the specific detail that may be missing from today’s roadmap. As ever, we are living in a fast changing world whereby guidance on specific issues can be subject to change at regular intervals. There are also certain aspects of the Government’s roadmap for which we may never have specific detail on and therefore it will be incumbent on the cricket network to continue to act responsibly and within the spirit of government guidance as best as we possibly can. However, for now, we urge everyone to look out for further detailed guidance next week, and to look forward with excitement to the various stages of the season as outlined in today’s announcement.

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