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Following ‘one too many’ at the last Marshfield Annual Cricket Club Dinner, it occurred to me that I have been watching my boys play cricket for a few years now and that I would like to have a go!

Perhaps, for a change, the boys would come and support me?! After all, I have all the kit they will need – camping chair, blanket, flask, scorebook and cheery-oh-dear-smile, for when I’ve been run out....

I did start along this path last season, when William decided to teach me how to bowl.  There was definitely an improvement over the summer and we didn’t break any windows.  So I come to this with a certain level of optimism! There are apparently a fair number of women’s teams in the area and I reckon it is time Marshfield – with it’s strong cricket tradition -  put together a women’s team too, so we have arranged two taster sessions at Marshfield Cricket Club with Lisa Pagett, Clubs and Programmes Officer for the Gloucestershire Cricket Board and level 4 UKCC coach :

18.30-19.45  Wednesday 23rd April

18.30-19.45 Wednesday 30th April

NO prior cricket experience is necessary; you don’t need any kit and it won’t cost a thing – just come along and have a go.  And if you have played before, we will be just as pleased to see you. Training sessions will continue every Wednesday, 18.30-20.00 at the Cricket Club.  We won’t enter a league  this year so there will be no regular matches but we could enter a few one day competitions, once we feel ready to face the competition.
Old Womens cricket
So whether you have been watching your son, brother, husband, boyfriend or father - or simply want to have a go - come and join in the fun; who knows, we might just find some chaps turning up with the cricket teas!

For further information: Jane Christie 01225 891951   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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