Youth Secretary 2019 Report

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This 2019 MCC youth section report is loosely structured around the three-year strategy and plan the section developed in the Winter of 2016.  This report represents progress made in Year 3 of that plan.

Overall, MCC youth section made good progress against its strategy and plan, which is attached as an Annex to this document.  It did further work on the understanding the player pathway through the club, from U7 to the Senior section.

Vision: To be the best youth section in Wiltshire.

MissionThrough cricket, to give our young players the opportunity to discover and sustain a passion for sport that they will carry with them into adulthood

Philosophy: To win, by identifying, gathering and mobilising all of our resources to go as far as we possibly can.



Match Day results

MCC continued to pursue a policy of inclusion and achieved some very strong results across the board. 

Both the Head of the Boys and the Head of the Girls commented that our teams from U9 to U15 ‘won more games than they lost’.

MCC, taking account of player safety, supported the participation of a number of players with additional needs in cricket tournaments and matches. 

Winter Nets

MCC Coaches delivered ‘Christmas Cricket’ in December 2018 and Winter Nets for Boys and Girls at Hardenhuish School through February and March 2019. 


The youth section attracted sponsorship from Marshfield Ice Cream in 2019, which included a £500 donation and subsidised Ice Cream to sell.


The Youth Committee now meets regularly, with a core of attendees, and has matured as a governance capability.

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Youth Registrations


2019 saw a stable registration picture, with around 110 Boys and 75 Girls, comparable to 2018.

5 players registered for All Stars at MCC, which was lower than anticipated and around 15 lower than 2018.


ECB Schemes


All Stars - MCC youth coaches delivered the ECB’s flagship scheme, All Stars, for the second time in 2019.  This was Year 3 of the scheme. 

Chance to Shine - MCC did not deliver Chance to Shine in 2019.




The youth section continued to make a very strong financial contribution to MCC, including 180+ registrations, material bar revenues and an U9 Girls festival delivered at Broadleys.  The U11 Boys festival was cancelled due to poor weather and despite significant efforts, another date could not be arranged.

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ECB ClubMark


The youth section led the three-year full accreditation of the ECB’s ClubMark status.  It was the first club in Wiltshire to do achieve this.  The Managing Director of Wilts Cricket said of MCC’s successful re-accreditation:

On the subject of Marshfield CC’s re-accreditation I do just want to say how impressed I am with the time that has been given to the Clubmark process and would like to congratulate you on being the first club in Wiltshire to achieve re-accreditation this summer


Please pass my congratulations on to all concerned at Marshfield CC for this successful re-accreditation.



Performance Cricket


MCC has three girls playing county cricket at every age from U11 to U15.

MCC has four Boys playing District cricket at U11 and one at U10.

MCC has put forward six U11 Girls for Wiltshire District trials.

MCC put forward six U13/U15 Boys for Glocs and Wilts trials.  None was successful.


Senior Cricket


Nine Boys and six Girls participated in Senior Cricket in 2019.

This represents a significant step forward, largely down to the efforts of Ben White and Jane Christie. 




Five MCC Coach Support Workers qualified through Wilts Cricket.

Feedback from coaches about the benefit of doing these courses has been positive. 

Wiltshire Cricket nominated MCC as a Coach Club of the Year for 2019.  The ECB shortlisted the club.  The Youth Secretary represented MCC at an ECB Awards Dinner on 9 November. 

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Areas Of Focus For 2019


  • Further and more sustained linkage between the senior and youth sections in playing terms
  • Better training opportunities for our players who show the most promise and have the best attitude 



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