Its Great To Be Back!!

50 Girls Back in Training for the first Full Session of the Year

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It was fantastic to see nearly fifty girls back at MCC for the first full youth session on the season over the course of Friday evening.  We ran - and for the time being will continue to do so - our U7s at 5pm, our U9 and U11s at 6pm and our U13s and U15s at 7pm, with a 15-minute break between each session.  While we weren’t able to be together as we have been in previous years, and we can’t do the full range of activities, the girls were keen and excited to be back training. 

Our club’s investment in coaches and kit over the last three seasons really has paid dividends in these difficult times.  Our resilience meant that we were able to ensure that we had no more than two players per 'bubble’ in the U7s, three players per ‘bubble’ in the combined U9s and U11s sections and, where we had greater confidence for self-management, four players per ‘bubble’ in our U13s and U15s.  The balls were painstakingly numbered and the sessions carefully designed and planned so that absolutely no kit had to be shared between players, and no ball was touched by more than one person. 

Now the basics are in place, we’re looking forward to refining and improving the variety of our sessions, and getting the girls match fit for later in the Summer or for the start of the Spring in 2021!     

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