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Marshfield under-11 girls played brilliantly when they represented Wiltshire in the under-11s girls' Lady Taverners regional final at Frenchay.

They won both their group games, beating both Bath and Frenchay, two clubs with very well-established girls' sections. Great batting, some accurate and fierce bowling (Alex Taylor got two wickets in a row and almost caught another for her hat trick). And there were several fantastic catches. Also impressive wicket-keeping from Beth. But the most inspiring element was the tremendous team spirit. The girls were always helping each other, always encouraging each other. Harriett, Lily and Alice E shared the captaincy and organised everything wonderfully. The two Mollys, as ever, worked together superbly.

Unfortunately because of illness (and the holiday season) we could only field seven players rather than eight. We had to borrow a player for one game and one our players batted twice in the other. So we weren't allowed to progress in the competition. Not to worry – it was a great achievement to win our county championship and we showed we can compete with some of the biggest and best clubs in the south west.

By my reckoning the girls have played 15 games this season. Won 12, tied one, lost two. Well done to the girls who've played in this competition and other festivals. Let's hope we can build that girls' section in the years to come.

Steve Morris


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