MCC Girls Pairs Tournament

MCC girls pairs comp

Well done to the eighteen girls who took part in Marshfield's Internal Pairs Cricket tournament on 19 May at the Broadleys Ground.  It was fantastic to see so many cricketers on a Sunday afternoon!  Congratulations specifically to Anneka and Heidi for winning their half of the tournament and to Arwen and Frankie for doing the same in theirs.  Here are a couple of pictures of the girls with their well-deserved medals and certificates (more to follow).  Who knows, future Glocs Women's team players?  

Talking of Glocs women, we are delighted that Marshfield Cricket Club will be hosting the senior Glocs Women's team.  It would be a great opportunity for our girls to get up to the ground to be inspired by some first class Women's cricket.  I'm sure that our home team would love the support!  More details to follow.


robin hand 50x50 head Robin Hand

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